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Clash of Clans made me RAGE QUIT!

Clash of Clans made me RAGE QUIT!
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Clash of Clans made me RAGE QUIT! CoC builder base is hard when you don’t have all maxed out troops.. MASS MINION ATTACKS

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  1. Who thinks cam has the best intros? 😂

    (Like if you agree)

  2. What does England is my city mean? Is it a meme or something?

  3. Want to hear a joke?

    Lvl 6 Rushed builder hall

  4. Play other Games that are trending,  your channel is dying cam.

  5. Lmaooo that guy was probably laughing so hard when he saw the replay where cam rage quitted

  6. Cam please read it will help you: during an attack if you hold on to your clan castle troops it tells you what you have in your clan castle.

  7. Hey…you just attacked my new base with Mass Minions for a 56% one star…. LOL

  8. Royal giants walk into a bar

    But they realize theres no counter
    (Yes I know it's not Original to all them haters)

  9. I'm a fresh bh6 and I tried this with my lv10 minions at 3k. I found that adding one camp of baby dragons to destroy outside defenses and find bombs is really helpful to get that 70+%

  10. Cam you should upgrade your bombers and barbarians. You could use the barbarians to get percentage and the bombers could get you into the core of the base and take the BH. P.S. I got to 3400 trophys with this attack.

  11. It works really good on bh5, no roaster and 1 less arch tower, so you can use the battle m. To clean up

  12. i know mega mine is irratating

  13. Is I just me or do cams videos just suck nowadays…..

  14. Subscribe to me Please is all I ask

  15. Hey need a good town hall 8 base?
    Go to the clan "Dark King" then go to GodCrusher0808

  16. Hey guys! I'm a new clash of clans youtuber putting out strategic, daily videos. I would really appreciate it if you would check out one my videos and just tell me what you think. Thanks!

  17. how do i another clash of clans account?

  18. looking for a clan join lost legions


  20. cam my attacks i use minois and archers and barbs

  21. Any1 else hear Cam pound his IPad lol?

  22. bro stop the clickbait man. its getting annoying these days


  24. cam i have sent u an invite to my clan to your th 8 account can you join for like 3 seconds?

  25. I'm a relatively new BH5 who keeps getting matched against BH6s, gone from 2281 trophies to 1960. Is anybody else getting fucked over constantly?

  26. "We got another bomb out of the way, I'm really worried there's another one somewhere." -clashwithcam's famous last words

  27. Well I would atleast get 2 baby drags to distract the defenses

  28. you suck, u can only attack with maz troops?…wtf

  29. How the f are you at 4k trophyy with that attack :))) i'm at 3.1trophy and if i don't make 80%2dtars i lose :)))

  30. Is clash of clans becoming clash royal now?

  31. bro just wanna join your clan and yes you are my favorite you tuber keep posting videos

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