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Clash of Clans – LIVE STREAM FROM SC HQ TODAY! (Finnish Clash)

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I’m going to be live-streaming Finnish Clash w/ Galadon from the Supercell HQ today at 5:30pm Helsinki Time (11:30am EST, 8:30am PST). We’re going to be showing off the top raids from the top 11 clans in Finland, and we have a bunch of surprises planned for the stream!

Time Zone Converter: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/?t=11:30am&tz=New%20York&

You can watch at either:

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  1. (Ideas for clash please like) Make revenge black for people you can't revenge at the moment. Loot percentage bonus for winning defenses, stackable, adds whatever stacked percentage too your first raid bonus, but only if you win. That should help prevent people from farming the entirety of having the game.

  2. +PlayClashOfClans When is the update info coming out


  4. How do I record clash of clans on my pc Patrick? How do you do it Chief?

  5. What time will it be in central us

  6. please do an indian clash also

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  14. Oh ok stupid chief qoq you decide to delete my galadon is old Aye
    Stupid Americans


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  21. Hey guys I'm a th7 right now and I know that pat obviously won't reply but does anybody have any tips on getting loads of loot without dropping trophies and Im now gold 3

  22. They should have an english tournament for clash of clans!!

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  24. Ei pessoal que criou o clash of clans eu agradeceria muito se vcs pudesem traduzir os seus videos para o pt br

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