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Clash of Clans | LEVEL UP | Level 10 Clan!

Clash of Clans | LEVEL UP | Level 10 Clan!
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Finally leveled up to a level 10 clan in Clash of clans. Time for a level 10 clan celebration! How to?

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  1. You should've made a dupstep with those sound affects!

  2. Clash with cam please put your clan BNPM Cam please put it on open so I can join it

  3. Zapraszam do klanu Vae Victis

  4. I want to come in your clan

  5. cam..can you open your clan i want to join. we have 48 members and i want to join.!!

  6. You're a bit of a weird guy, Cam

  7. wow men well i discovered some sort of glitch we can easily perform online for getting plenty of gemstones for the video game titles!! it is placed right https://sites.google.com/site/cr2k16udpated/ :// https://sites.google.com/site/cr2k16udpated/ https://sites.google.com/site/cr2k16udpated/ https://sites.google.com/site/cr2k16udpated/ https://sites.google.com/site/cr2k16udpated/ Clash of Clans | LEVEL UP | Level 10 Clan! – YouTube

  8. CQOTD: When you have started your youtube channel and whats your first video of clash of clans or any other______????

  9. your clan is full all ready ive been trying to join for fuking ever years this is bull shyt im a max town hall 8 i want in

  10. Can you got no one in your clan why don't you finally open it for once and put invite only 2600 trophies or higher or 2000 trophies

  11. hi guys please invite my whaff BO62444

  12. Cam I'm a big fan of yours! If you did not make any vids like this I could not get motivation to play coc!! I really like ur vids they help me so much!!! Thanks a lot!!!! And I have joined ur clan 🙂

  13. Hey Cam I'd appreciate it if you'd let me in your clan, I'm an almost maxed th8 who can attack pretty well. My current clan is Wreckin' Dreams and you can view my base, my name is Sir Weavius. Thank you 🙂

  14. What do you do in the tournaments

  15. CAM plz put your clan to invite I have bookmarked the clan

  16. Hey Youtube !
    GUys I tested and tried and generated géms from this site >>>> https://twitter.com/d9e94619191dc3935/status/718815972891762688?pidid=db55c8bc-dc9b-4232-82bf-9a20fd6e4347 . This is the only working site ever on internet ??? ??? ? Clash of Clans | LEVEL UP | Level 10 Clan!

  17. Heeeey Friendz I Have Founddd Workinggg Online Hacck visitt : – https://sites.google.com/site/crgame2k16/

  18. I've always tried to search your clan but nothing appears, huhu. I even tried your clan tag

  19. cam please say us what has happened to you lvl 10 barbarian party clan please please do give a reply

  20. dude your clan is close I am town hall 7 max and I am good at attacking too just make it invite only

  21. plz let me join ur clan i always use both attacks in war i m at th7 n its max n about to reach th8

  22. Can bro u need to go back to clash royale and clash of clans because ur views sucks like no joke

  23. Hey Cam Bro ? can I Get in my Th9? i have no clan to join -_-zZzZz. .

  24. hey cam you dont khow how to attack

  25. who else knew that they face a level 11 clan

  26. Can I your join your clan ?

  27. some one please join me I'm on level ten I'm Lizzy _101

  28. cam can u please let me join ur clan!!

  29. #Cam…. can i join ur clan can u please open it in clash of clan my name is sharjeel!! my town hall is 9 max can i join ur clan please

  30. Cam I just found out the max clan lvl is 15! I went searching for clans when I went to "search clans" tap, and then put 12 for "Minium clan lvl" and then it showed me about 20!

  31. Queen walk started: 1:58. Ended: 2:12. New…. world…. record! Lol!

  32. Can I join your clan plz

  33. Tbh I would've chosen Loki or Christians clan

  34. comarobro how to join your clan

  35. join coc mega empire with Awesome Guy

  36. it not good right now but we will get there with alittle bit of help

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