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Clash of Clans | LEVEL 6 CLAN PERKS | 10 VS 10 Clash of Clans Clan War

Clash of Clans | LEVEL 6 CLAN PERKS | 10 VS 10 Clash of Clans Clan War
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Clash of Clans level 6 clan perks. We started a 10 vs 10 war to celebrate reaching level 6.

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Attacks Against the Top Players:

GoBitches Attack Strategy:

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  1. Clash of cam Anwser if u can Can I please join ur clan lvl78 Vist me And This clan: Walfare Web™ Thx Ur the best

  2. Hi! I am the leader of Secure Zone 😀 
    You are the good and big clan, very strong.

  3. I wouldn't call number 4 on the enemy side a premature th 9. It's just a new th 9. 

  4. Hi Cam can i join ur clan?

  5. my clan is lv 10 take that cam

  6. cam can you play blitz brigade it is a cool game

  7. i want to join barbarianparty too can i??

  8. Lavaloons? Lava hounds+ballons?

  9. May u please join my clan

  10. My clan is OP at war.. we won 50-42 of a lvl 7 clan.. we are a lvl 3 clan gotta streak of 7.. now its fucked up against a lvl 6 clan where everybody is lvl 100+.. their top lvl 140… us top only 130.. :(((

  11. The last guy,enemy, the wizard tower has a hand like in the name of the clan. Odd

  12. Can I join your clan? Barabariaaaan :)

  13. Cam can I join you clan for Clash Of Clans?? #camsucksatattacking

  14. give my video a like and comment and I'll give you a free shout out meaning I will mention your channel

  15. Yeahhh finally someone also loves smash brothers i have every character bro…

  16. Guys I need +80 Clash of clans players .. .please help our clan .. please I beg you…if your are watching this video than please help our clan… Our clan Tag is ( LQ9QJ8CP).Clan name ( Warrior's Clan)……….. Plz help my clan

  17. What type of recording device do you use?

  18. 0:44 that wizard tower has a yellow hand i really thought his ass was cencored XD

  19. the intro killed my ears?

  20. how you do a video inside the phone recording

  21. My clan just won a 15v15 43-43 by 0.7% more damage. XD enemy clan was pissed

  22. can i come in your clan

  23. what a coincidence cam, me and my clan have never ever done other than a 10v10, only when we were lvl 1&2

  24. Not to be mean that was the most annoyingest intro but I still love your vids

  25. This intro is facking stupid

  26. can I in u clan my name is themy7h

  27. ONE HUNDRED % Gems trades which I received. May aid others right here! plus.google.com/112793805960125128049/posts/1fTiKeQx8bB

  28. we played against that clan once

  29. why is it that every time you activate your heros ability theres always a giant bomb to take the archers and barbs out

  30. Adolf hitler ??he kill ?

  31. Well, I'm pretty sure my luck is horrible, I missed a 3 star by a fucking tesla in the corner…

  32. The start was amazing but the archers died lol☺????????

  33. Hey cam I really want to join ur clan but it is full ?

  34. Is there any way I can join ur clan

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