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Clash of Clans Level 50 – Sherbet Towers

Clash of Clans Level 50 – Sherbet Towers
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This is a walkthrough for Sherbet Towers in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related!
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Check this out chief!

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  1. Im sorry to say this video and your other one are both out of date there are now bombs covering the resources for the archers to open the walls, 6 lvl 4 wall breakers with a lvl 5 giant cant take down that back wall, the tesla traps are too fast or there are now more of them. Id have to come up with an entire strategy of my own so this video imo is outdated and probably will wind up wasting peoples time and troops like myself. I would love for a follow up video and i respect that your here to help so theres no way i could rightfully not give this video a like. Thanks for trying i guess i dont know what else to say lol

  2. thx👍 i just need 1 more star from pekkas playhouse and then i will have beaten the entire goblin map

  3. Just did this, got the 500,000 loot and the three star, thx chief pat

  4. Wen I did this my pekkas were being retarded and went the wrong way

  5. تسلم  كملت  جربت  الطريقه  القديمه بالعمالقه  مانجحت  

  6. Everytime I put down my wall bombers in the same spot the Tesla pops out and kills them 🙁

  7. HOLY MOLY! It's true! He used 7 P.E.K.K.A.S because one was in his Clan Castle… busted -.-

  8. What clan are you and what is your village name

  9. Same problem..where are the hidden teslas??I like your at taking but just don't understand why the hidden teslas aren't there….

  10. I could do without the 10 minute google add at the beginning. I hate that crap.

  11. ok guys this strategy still works but the wb are pointless. I used 7 lvl 1 pekkas, 1 lvl 2 dragon, lvl 5 barb king, 3 lvl 4 heal spells. Drop all 7 pekkas at the top same place he placed the wb. they go through the walls fast. use the heal spells wisely (where most pekkas are at. use the spells when the teslas are attacking cuz they really damage the pekkas. After the AD is done drop the dragon like he did and your good to go. I ended with king still alive, 2 pekkas, and dragon. Hope this helped

  12. The mic sounds worse than the 1st video

  13. OMFG it worked thx soo much the "no pekka" one didn't but this one worked for me thx sooo much

  14. Did they change it since he played? The teslas do not activate when he drops his bombs. They do activate when I'm dropping mine.

  15. a little outdated by 2 years is it any different?

  16. Yeah this doesn't work anymore. It might've been my attack but when I did this, all of my pekkas died almost immediately even with heal spells

  17. This helped me so much!!! I completed the single player map!!!!

  18. The pekka and dragon symbols were so weird in 2013…

  19. the tesla is always killing my wall breakers, before they can actually destroy them.. gotta find a way to distrat them

  20. i hated the single player😡😡😡 super cell wasnt right for adding more traps than your allowed to have on your base smh

  21. thanks dude, you have helped me finish all the levels with no problems!!!

  22. Clash of clans have changed so much during these years

  23. Thanks chief Pat I got full 150 stars because of you

  24. see the pekka and dragon symbol

  25. I never seen that dragon in my coc

  26. Thnx man I finally got 3 stars on sherbet towers

  27. Tysm chief pat I completed my goblin map because if this video

  28. you dont't need the dragon because the P.E.K.K.A.s defeat everything :3

  29. Single player map 51, 5 Eagle artillery level 9 and 10 walls with 5 archer, wizard towers and cannons. 3 Morters and air defense. Along with max Dragon in their own brand new CC

  30. Like 5 yrs later… Look at the dragon lol

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