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Clash of Clans Level 49 – PEKKAs Playhouse

Clash of Clans Level 49 – PEKKAs Playhouse
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This is a walkthrough for PEKKAs Playhouse in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related!
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  1. Dragons looked so sick

  2. level 2 dragons are eating shit from the Tesla

  3. I got 98%

    what is life

  4. tent identity time downtown invent

  5. cheif i want joined to yr clan

  6. Those dragons look weird

  7. Then why the hell is it called pekkas playhouse

    No pekkas were used
    i think their should be a better solution

  8. whos watching in 2017 and btw the old dragon icon I sooo funny and weird

  9. Can a lvl 5 barb king destroy the air den fences and mortars without giants?

  10. That dragon gives me nightmares looks like it wants to eat me

  11. 1.21 "6 dragons….I mean barbarians… (he means giants)

  12. 6 dragons oops 6 barbarians

    drops 6 giant


  13. This doesnt fucking work

  14. I'm gonna drop all 6 dragons…oh wait, all 6 barbarians

    shit how did I mess up twice

  15. Thanks a lot I beat it with one extra dragon.

  16. Anyone else watching in 2017
    It is so old

  17. if you are th9, drop 4 lightning spells in middle of both air defences, destroying them. then drop dragons on each archer tower and wizard tower. 3 STARS!!

  18. that drag look funny years ago on army while attacking

  19. Dayum, dragon looked alot diffrent

  20. Who's here because of orange juice

  21. I almost got one star with all 9 level one dragons

  22. That is soooo old coc

  23. Wtp Its The Alpha Versions

  24. That dragon icon lmaoooo

  25. This was a great guide. I had to tweak my troops a tiny bit; 30 archers, 9 giants, 18 barbarians, 3 wall bombers, 5 dragons. I had to use an earthquake spell on each front archer tower before releasing troops (1 earthquake spell was mine and 1 from my clan castle). Then, I dropped a healing spell over the area where i then released 2 giants and 15 lvl 5 archers on each front corner inside the healing spell.

    Then i released 1 wall bomber on the front as Pat did but a little right of center so it exploded the giant-bomb. After the morters dropped i did like Pat and released 2 more wall bombers.

    Then i released 5, lvl 5 giants from my clan castle on the front follwing the bombers path. Also released the 7 giants i had left, plus lvl 9 barbarian king.

    Then i released 5, lvl 3 dragons, 1 at each archer tower in the back, and 1 on each back corner to take out the teslas.
    Last, i released 9, lvl 5, barbarians at each wizard tower.
    And finally succeeded with 3 stars.

  26. I 3 started it with 8 lvl 1 perks and 4 spells

  27. Do u mean 6 jiants

    No prob bro human makes mistakes

  28. Holy shit look at that dragon icon

  29. Or you could lightning spell the two air defense and drop dragons all around

  30. Damn the troops looks so ugly in 2013 I'm so glad that they updated it 2019

  31. He said oops I said dragons and then he said barbarian

  32. This fucking shit doesnt work this is shit post

  33. 1:19 six dragons corrects it.then at 1:21 all 6 barbarians 😂

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