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Clash of Clans Level 39 – Bait 'n Switch

Clash of Clans Level 39 – Bait 'n Switch
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This is a walkthrough for Bait ‘n Switch in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related!
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  1. blimey that was easy, cheers for all these walkthroughs dude !

  2. How I can pass fast? ( Sorry, I am brazilian) =x

  3. Play clash of clans can I see ur clan name plz I wanna join I'm level 54 1696 trophies

  4. you have helped me so much with clash of clans love you man 🙂

  5. is the speed-up after edited?

  6. can we use wizards instead of archers in some levels like Point Man? (already did to try to beat it.)

  7. The clan emblem is for the reinforcement troops your clan mates donate you.

  8. You lost a wizard to a spring trap. Lol

  9. gona go ahead and drop the rest of them, cause…. (dont say yolo dont say yolo) dont really care (yes)

  10. Done with 100 archers and 20 barbarians.

  11. the good thing about air units is they dont have to destroy the walls they just fly over hte walls

  12. pat rules jorge yao is noob

  13. I wish we could get like 10 trophies per campaign map

  14. Balloons take to long use minons

  15. If you notice, hes only a level 15 at that time

  16. That's how high level the goblins are. He doesn't use minions since they are a bit high for this level.

  17. Patrick if i were u i would have a little bit higher level balloons if u use them so much

  18. Mortar took easily care of the left side, so it took lot more than 15 Archers there to get the Air defence down.

  19. This was the only level i figured out on my own without the strategy guide lol

  20. "Im just going to drop them all, because I don't really care" 😂😂 lmao you're hilarious pat.

  21. Whenever u use balloons, i replace it with 2 minons.

  22. The mortars get my archers what the heck!!

  23. that level's so easy with 50 lv 4 archers and a balloon. so obvious. i knew u need to do that but after i did it wanted to check lol

  24. I love your videos about clash of clans, it really helps me a lot. Why in most campaign you always use balloons. Is there another way to beat the level without balloons?

  25. Thanks for heloing me get these Goblins. I'll be sure to check out your other videos too. Something about a British brat flushing gems down "the lou" isn't doing it for me. Even if he sets his GF against a TH10 with no instructions…

  26. lmao easier than level 2 seriously

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