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Clash of Clans Level 33 – Full Frontal

Clash of Clans Level 33 – Full Frontal
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This is a walkthrough for Full Frontal in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related!
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  1. Great tutorials man! I did lvl 25 till 32 already today cus of your tutorials, without i can't do them 😀 good work

  2. i love all your videos

  3. for some reason when I use more bomb guys I cant blow up the walls

  4. EcHt gute vifeo und danke jetzt weis ich wie ich es angehen muss .very good great 🙂

  5. Thank you works perfectly

  6. yeah this one didnt work for me, patrick, but thanks for the other ones

  7. In trying to save up because whenever I get attacked I lose about 200,000 so I want to get a hidden tesla

  8. Syrië but this tutorial doesn't work

  9. One comment I'd like to add (after wasting max elixir), I only needed about 8 boys on the right side and the remainder on the left (in my case 10 or so).

    Purely because the right guys will go straight for the air defines while the guys on the left tend to split up between the two defences, and may get wiped out before they can down the air defence.

    Specs: L2 Giants, L2 Bombers, 105 troop capacity (i.e. all level 3 camps).

  10. But thanks heaps for this channel! Really progressing my game :).

  11. Got this to work with lvl 3 giants! Thanks!!

  12. can you play clans of clans on the pc?

  13. Dude, these videos make me feel like a total idiot. I'm slapping my forehead going like why did I not see that before??

  14. When I googled this I used c.o.c and that wi full frontal didn't end well

  15. Thx! I watched all of UR videos and I'm goin to continue to watch them becuz they help out so much! Thx

  16. You can use one minion instead of a balloon now. Lol

  17. Thank you! You've got awesome tutorials thnx for all of those. It helpen me alot

  18. I am a noob on clash of clans can u make videos to tell us how to make a good defense?

  19. Before I raid on single player I watch this video and do the exact same thing . It worked

  20. thank you for these videos, they helped soooo much! 🙂

  21. thank pat really helped me with most of the levels keep up the good work.
    and also could u plz make a second clan for people to join:)

  22. Most of your tutorials dont work for me even though I have higher troops but some do thx

  23. Cheaper alternative:
    30 barbarians, 70 archers, 4 wall breakers and 1 balloon.

    drop 2 wall breakers at each of the bottom mortars to kill the walls
    drop 15 barbarians at each mortar to kill them
    drop 35 archers at each side to kill the air defence (in bursts)
    drop 1 balloon when the air defence is down

  24. All your videos are amazing. You've been helping me fly though the map.

  25. Can u show me the best way to arranged wall lvl 33

  26. Nope, doesnt work anymore, they changed the AI.  Giants placed as directed now head sideways round the front and attack the  front two mortars, and get pounded to death by the rear mortars. Even with 20 giants, they manage to kill the front two mortars but never make it thru the wall to the aid defence, ever, and ive tried it several times.

  27. Trop cher. Il suffit d'envoyer 2 à 3 vagues de 5 archers sur les 2 mortiers, en même temps envoyer des vagues de barbares (et le Roi si vous avez) au centre pour détruire les 2 premiers bâtiments, puis des archers qui vont détruire les AA. Ensuite, 1 ballon, ou mieux si vous êtes plus avancés, 1 gargouille qui va terminer tranquillement le travail… (No need to use wall breaker, no need Giants, go to center)

  28. yaa I finally parts it

  29. Plz can you show me how to design my village the bast way

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