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Clash of Clans Level 24 – Ommahha Beech

Clash of Clans Level 24 – Ommahha Beech
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This is a walkthrough for Ommahha Beech in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related!
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  1. and can i ask you another question?
    why do you have such a low amount of trophies???

  2. who knows how to beat walls of steal??

  3. You need to do an update of the campaign most to all levels have been changed

  4. does this way work every time ?? please i need an answer

  5. Hi Patrick,
    usually, your vids are my reference on most Coc subjects, including these solo missions.
    However, for the 1st time, I found a cheaper tactic than yours:
    I dropped 25 barbs (lvl3) on the 2 south towers, and 65 on the 2 mortars.
    I won 3 stars quite easily for a total cost of 5400 while your solution cost 17600.
    Keep the great work

  6. This helped me beet my friend! THX!

  7. why is there 2 omaha beech's vids

  8. the bomb guys r called wall breakers…

  9. Thanks dude, you've been really helpful.

  10. Thank ur so helpful and awesome

  11. i did what u said and i got 2 stars 🙁

  12. Luv your vids thanks a lot

  13. Now the archer towers are much better in this level

  14. I though I heard you say somewhere in your posts that the key to this was to try to use as less troops as possible to have the most max payout at the end. I have gathered if I use the 85 barbarians, 3 or 4 wall breakers and only 5 giants I will have spent over 20k in Elixir. This mission only has a payout of 10k in Elixir. Am I missing somithing? Or Are we just going for Stars at this point?

  15. Can't you just drop stuff on the tree on the left side to save some troops?

  16. I did as you said, i got 3 stars! Thanks. 🙂

  17. Do giants on the top mortars first, maybe 3 each, drop a couple gobs to run to the center and set off bombs. Drop wall breakers like you did while the guns are distracted. Barbs everywhere else. I've found it's all about distraction. 🙂

  18. I 3 star this with barbs and archers xD

  19. Great video man, love your walkthroughs. They're extremely helpful for impatient people like myself who don't enjoy doing trial and error. Thank you for the help!

  20. 60 barbs n archers each can finish the level

  21. Join our clan sekon no qazer

  22. the giants are fucking retards

  23. I think I've seen another version of this video. Made by you. That one has better strategy than this. You didn't even have to deploy giants. Only barbs n wallbreakers.

  24. wtf i did exactly the same and i didnt even get %50

  25. It worked even those there were lvl 8 archer towers

  26. I can not pass this level no matter how many YouTube videos I watch

  27. Just train up 90 barbs and 6giants (or more if u want)! Drop 45barbs on those 2 archer towers then send some wallbreakers to open up the wall where the air defense is. While you are doing that send 3 giants or more on each mortar. Next drop the rest of your barbs and the top right cannon and let them do the rest! (This is a tight 3star so you might wanna keep some extra troops for when they destroy all the defenses because when I did it I had like 3barbs on the map left) also Giants lvl3 and barbs lvl 3and wallbreakers lvl2

  28. I would take out the morters first

  29. Thanks for that strategy

  30. U rock man ur tips always wrks 👍👍👍

  31. I hated this one. it was extreamly difficult to defeat.

  32. Did not work for me at all. I will have level 3 barbs later today so maybe I will try then because i see that you are using those maybe that makes a difference.

  33. i Am watching this in june 2017

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