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Clash of Clans Level 23 – Danny Boy

Clash of Clans Level 23 – Danny Boy
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This is a walkthrough for Danny Boy in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related!
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  1. This can be done with level 2 troops also…60 archers, 1 goblin, 1 baloon, and about 30 Barbarians. Archer towers take about 14 archers to destroy – the bottom one takes about 16. 1 goblin to take out the bombs. Then Barbs to take out the air defense. A baloon to finish off the village.

  2. Thanks for the videos and doing them for the first time

  3. Watching this after watching new videos from you is just weird

  4. Thank you !!!Great Info !!!

  5. Every time I need help I quickly visit your channel because it's the most supportive I find!!

  6. I finished this just now using 90 level 3 barbs, 6 giants and about 5 clan castle archers. I prepared 2 balloons but never got to use them as all my troops raped the whole place.


  8. I really couldn't do danny boy and now I can thanks to you

  9. I was attacking then I was so happy because I was wining then suddenly my tablet said no inernet connection then I so mad cause my tablet just turned of.

  10. That's weird! On my phone there is 30 000 gold and elixir and the cannons are level 9, not level 10.

  11. doesn't work tried so many times

  12. i watched this vdo just for traps and now i have done it

  13. Barbarian King (lvl 7) and Archer Queen (lvl 5) are able to get at least 60% on their own

  14. Thanks dude really worked

  15. mds rsrs como mudou em

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