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Clash of Clans Level 18 – Fools Gold

Clash of Clans Level 18 – Fools Gold
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This is a walkthrough for Fools Gold in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related!
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  1. So yeah, this doesn't work AT ALL if you don't have the same army level as the uploader has….

    After ALLOT if wipes I finally managed to get this done on my Town Hall 4. My whole army was level 2, keep this in mind!!

    I used 4 Wall Bombers, 4 Giants, 2 Balloons and 42 Archers.

    I started on the left/top side first, I deployed 2 Wall Bombers because 1 does not always seem to explode on time.
    After the wall exploded I deployed 2 Giants as distraction.
    Then after the mortar fired it's first cannon and that exploded I immediately deployed 21 Archers that took care of the Air Assault and Archer Tower.

    When this was done, I used the same strategy on the Right/Bottom side.
    Eventually your Archers do get killed by the cannons, but as long as the Air Assault and the Archer Tower get's downed it's okay, because you still have your Balloons to finish things off.

    Hope this helps for the ones stuck on this level at Town Hall level 4.

  2. i used 30 level 6 balloons

  3. Wow, I'm back, and stuck with the same damned level, and no comment for
    A year…

  4. well 25 level 2 archers on each side did not work. So much death. I will try again with nothing but archers and 2 balloons.

  5. 10 Level 1 wizards and 50 lvl 2 barbs and 1 lvl 1 ballon will it work.

  6. I hated this one.  I finally figure it out but your plan works out better. I can't believe I didn't think about using a bunch of archers to take out the air defense and the towers before sending in a balloon.

  7. Easy way not to waste your elixir and attack Fool's Gold Level You should try this!!! You need 120 barbarians that's enough and 2 healing spells and I promise you will rek that lvl just telling u this so u don't waste elixir ! Try it!! And chief pat try this too

  8. U'll get 3 star at this tip/ my tip

  9. Does NOT work with level 2 Archers!

  10. and what about the skeleton traps

  11. I just beat it with 27 archers 16 giants and two wizards

  12. Just used 90 arches. Bullshit 30

  13. 4 years later, the glitched mortar is still here

  14. what archer levels are you using

  15. this is bs dude! I dropped 30 archers and that canon in the corner shot them all dead with a single ball. tried 3 times

  16. yeah, just noticed mine are level one. how do you guys level them up? I'm new. upgrading barracks adds new troops and reduces train time only right?

  17. nicca I can't even get baloons yet

  18. hehe old Clash of clans xD

  19. U need to upgrade your Labratory to Level 3 to get Level 3 Archers!!!!!

  20. Another stupid tutorial.. Why does it seem that no one is capable of doing these tutorials designed for newbies 🙄

  21. it worked thanks but I use giants to defend the archers

  22. Guys if you have not level3 archers USE wiz

    Sorry for bad english im from zwitzerland

  23. The fuck when ur town hall 6 and cant beat this

  24. For new version users I suggest use 70 level 3 archers and six balloons (any level) I used these and it worked

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