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Clash of Clans Level 17 – Watchtower

Clash of Clans Level 17 – Watchtower
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This is a walkthrough for Watchtower in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related!
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  1. You're such a pro, I wish I could beat levels with hundreds of the best troops possible

  2. Ok seriously Iam getting sick and tired of these lame ass videos, people like me as I assume are only watching these videos bc they're actually on the level and need to find an easy way through we don't fucking have level 3 soldiers or balloon goblins at that time so enough of the nonsense God damn we can come back to these and make videos too but wtfs the point? Really? … But yah just putting that out there who knows maybe you are helping some one out just ain't me.. Good video though just not useful.

  3. how did you become so good at this game ?

  4. i used 54 barbarian lvl 2 maybe it can be done with less. Not too much experiences only playing for few days.

  5. or just take 15 giants. done

  6. I just use 75 archs and 30 barbs

  7. Please join our clan! We need at least two players to do clan wars. Anyone can join!! The clan name is Kurt and currently only has 8 players and a purple shield thumbnail

  8. I just USe 16 barbar 14 archer 3 Giant And 2 Balloon

  9. This is very easy all you need is their town hall that's one star i did it with 8 giants 25 barbarians sent 1 barbarian top so the spring trap goes away,then 8 giants from top 25 barbarians same time tower dies then the barbarians go for the town hall the kill it while the giants focusing towers and they get focused by towers ez pz 1 star 😛

  10. Haha What a waist of troops.I defeated this level and got 100% (3 ★) only with barbarians.

  11. this one first to give me some trouble I figure it out.  instead of using the entreance, I used a bomb on the other side and sent 5 giants. my barbs weren't strong enough to take them out. it kept killing all 25 barbs. then a balloon to take out the rest. after sending out 5 barbs to take out the air defense.

  12. i need my barrack tp be level 6 to get bolons theres has to be another way

  13. Sadly quite outdated. The tower ist now way more powerfull and protected with some traps. Try to send 1-3 Barbarians to catch some arrwows and 1-2 Goblins to be hit by the trap.

  14. Can I use archers for the watch tower

  15. how did u upgrade troops so quickly.

  16. 2012? I didn't realize coc is that old. Or that Pat's videos had improved so much 😐

  17. everbody can win with upgraded barbarian u stupid fuck its not even guide. FUCKTARD

  18. lol why is it fortunate that your Barbarians will die? I've noticed that in your last 2 videos you say fortunately your troops will die. Fortunate means lucky, I think what you mean to say is unfortunately. Great series though thanks.

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