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Clash of Clans Level 14 – Megablaster

Clash of Clans Level 14 – Megablaster
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This is a walkthrough for Megablaster in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related!
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Check this out chief!


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  1. your a very good player you should teach beginers like me how to attack villiges.

  2. Maybe I'm a little behind? I'm not sure but I don't even have the option to buy balloons!! It's not even in the inventory! Am I missing something here?

  3. I have no idea how you're so far advanced for these missions. I'm already at this mission and my th is lvl 3 and my barracks are all at lvl 4 max lol. WTF, did I do too many battles and not enough unit progression? I'm totally screwed XD

  4. Hi, I have no ballons, what can I do?

  5. If u don't have hot air balloons unlocked u need to unlock it

  6. in mine the cannon is not golden

  7. Thanks for sharing these videos, but I have to say all these attacks are such overkill. I did this mission with 60 level 1 barbarians, so that's a total cost of 1500 elixir and like 20 minutes of generation time. Each of those balloons you're using is 2000 elixir, so you're spending way more than you get back.

    I can see by your level and resources that that doesn't matter to you. But for someone just starting, and doing these goblin missions to supplement their resources, that is a big deal.


    Take a sip of vodka every time he says…

    To speed up time…




    No time limit…


  9. the way he pronounced "barracks"… lol

  10. did you guys know when you click the thumbs up button it makes a new noise? 

  11. 0:09 swears like we could upgrade it that fast lmao 😂😂😂

  12. Do I have to get the ballons???

  13. I didn't need the balloons I just rushed in with max swords and won

  14. or you can just drop your loons on the airdefense .-.

  15. On my phone so can't really see if you do or do not, but do you have a walkthrough for every goblin mission? If so you have one new happy follower! Just started playing yesterday and I'm getting into it, glad to find a channel that is pretty much a one stop everything CoC!

  16. Subscribed
    New to clash of clans. Nice video thank you!!

  17. The bear-axe…. Lol that's like pronouncing nervous; nerve ass

  18. Hey do jou have a clan,join my clan:De Stiersjes

  19. You don't have to use balloons you could just drop 5 pekkas

  20. Everyone ignore this video. I completed this level 100% with level 1 Barbarians, level 1 Archers, and level 1 Giants. I deployed 4 giants at the bottom opening, then deployed 10 archers at each side of the opening to target the right and left cannons, then deployed all 20 of my Barbarians at the bottom opening also. It's easy.

  21. just use 40 barbs 30 archers and 6  gaints

  22. How would you defeat this level with tout balloons ??????

  23. dont waste yr time use archer destroy air defence the place balloon theres no time limit. this way u save a bit of elixir

  24. U don't need to do this i completed this level with 81 lvl 2 archers and 3 lvl 1 wallbreakers.

  25. Is the balloon necessary ?????

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