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Clash of Clans – Let's Play Episode #98: Easy Money

Clash of Clans – Let's Play Episode #98: Easy Money
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This is the 98th episode of my Let’s Play Clash of Clans series! Subscribe for the #1 Clash of Clans videos on YouTube 🙂
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Check this out chief!

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  1. Can you join my clan.monkey foot.My user is mason

  2. 17 days and no vid, wtf wtf

  3. Put it to 1000 trophies I watch ur vids when u Berle started plz

  4. Can anyone let me know what a good farming th9 range is?

  5. are these live or comitated after recoreded?

  6. Sub my channel I made a new video today

  7. Where's Episode 99? By the way good job on getting back to gold II

  8. لك بخت والله موارد فول عدك بخت انته

  9. Join my clan pls-blue bloods j.j

  10. I can never find that loot! Im th 9 as well… 1800 trophies. what should I do?!?!

  11. Hi Pat I'm a new subscriber to you and absololy love your videos on clash of clans.

    Really good job

  12. Please can you kick one of the in actives from your clan ive been trying to join for months

  13. Why dont you make no viedios on chief pat 2 anymore?

  14. In the second raid he forgot to take out the drill it wouldve had a ton of dark elixir in it

  15. Anyone else see on the first raid. 69 Dark Elixir >:D

  16. When is episode #99 coming out this ismy favorite series and ive watched every episode

  17. Hey Chief Pat! 
    Will you continue with Let's Play 99 and 100? I cannot wait for those episodes!

  18. +PlayClashOfClans you must bring this series back! You MUST! 😀

  19. please patric more lets play i really like the lets play

  20. Your channels are the best. Precise explanations. Really in depth reviews.

  21. Why is the new vid of this series Privated and PLZ un private it

  22. Hello everybody. Join my clan… We have pekkas, lava hounds, and every other troop. Join now for free elder.
    Clan: swagathon

  23. hey cheif please join my clan and it is wizard warriors!!! please join it!!! ill mak you co leader!!! 

  24. Hey pat:)
    your walls is pretty low for a th9 so before you go th10 max out your walls because of the loot it getting low at th10 as you propely already know 
    And i think you should do more episodes on your season 2 lets play like road to max th 5-6-7-8-9 and all that stuff 😀

  25. For town hall 7, i go to 1400-1600 trophies. its best for farming

  26. Thx man I been wrapping up money

  27. I discovered a place that giving 𝔾ems and still updated previously
    >> https://disq.us/t/2gr3p56 .
    This might helpful for anybody, still working previously

  28. Bomber kous to clash royale

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