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Clash of Clans – Let's Play Episode #12

Clash of Clans – Let's Play Episode #12
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This the twelfth video of my new Let’s Play series. Make sure to follow along as I show you my best tricks and strategies!
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Welcome to PlayClashofClans, your one stop channel for everything Clash of Clans related. I love Clash of Clans, and I have many valuable tips and tricks to help you 3 star villages + raid hundreds of thousands of gold and elixir. Only here will you find the highest quality videos, dedicated solely for the game Clash of Clans! Check out my single player guides for every single level, including toughies such as Fool’s Gold and Sherbet Towers. You’ll find levels 1-50 in the playlist on my channel page!

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  1. What do you use to record you gameplay?

  2. What the hell are you talking about with boats and space and too ten I don't get it );

  3. Nice video dude, but I don't think that double walls is a great idea since the wall breakers can get through.

  4. how do you find bases like that with excellent gold and elixir? wtf

  5. Um I can't see every thing that u get like the gold and builders

  6. see my base i am in Bishop clan here join we all are great base no this tinny

  7. Join my clan if you need a clan. My clan is called Darkest Pekka, Please join I can help you out!!

  8. If ur spring traps werent there i wouldve three stared ur base

  9. Thanks to your strategies when attacking i have gotten 300k elixir and gold. Thank you!

  10. Go to space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Your videos are the best and brb means be right back

  12. By space does he mean space like up there?

  13. your asom play clash of clans

  14. i know i saw that too owen

  15. Hy guys im pactrick im deleting all my clash of clans let play im deleting it im pactrick second youtube account also im his friend in real life so yeah he said iit it a news guys beware

  16. You have pretty weak defences for townhall 5…..My defences are maxed out and I'm not even farming!!! I'm also extremely happy about my level 2 wizard tower!!! I'mm not upgrading townhall until I have all level 5 walls and max out… or at least attempt to max out my collectors and storages and they take a heck of a time to upgrade….

    Also I'm pretty stupid cause I spent all my gems and now I only have 2 huts. I got 1250 trophies pretty recently so I have 447 gems!!!! Cant wait to get 3rd builder hut

  17. This guy sucks for lvl 5 town hall 😂

  18. OMG because of he helping me im now MAster II on CLash oc clans!!!!!! Thanks!!

  19. I made a clan lol of a time if you see Julia
    join plz I am a Julia
    plz plz plz plz join me

  20. Whos waching thing in 2016

  21. if you go to space you,ll be like what and I,ll be like cooool

  22. Who's watching this in 2017

  23. "Let's go ahead and let's go ahead"

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