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Clash of clans – Kings of Clash ( interviewing Kings landing )

Clash of clans – Kings of Clash ( interviewing Kings landing )
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( please keep in mind the leader is from a different country and the calls dropped many times during the interview )

Today we are interviewing the 2nd top clan in the world, ” Kings landing ” we got the chance to interview the leader and talk about many topics including base designs, new updates and cheating.. enjoy.

Shout out to generalB7 for the P.E.K.K.A. Thumbnail:

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  1. they should separate money players from real players!
    anyways, i have a new gold series, checkout my channel

  2. All the top players is just gemmers…Mohamed maher just passed 300mill that he earned legit… that isnt even enough for the walls from 10 too 11 xD

  3. i cant understand what he is saying 🙁

  4. Please add subtitles or redo the interview! Or choose someone with a better spellng!!!   😀

  5. Alone4ever is a cool guy to me

  6. The guy seemed like he was getting mad


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  9. Hi, Godson our clan has made a bet with another clan to beat them in a push and if you dont mind clan you help us with the push. The Beast, BritishBulldog3

  10. Hey Godson..i am a big fan..i have been playing Clash Of Clash for a while and after the new update i couldnt get on CoC again, like it wasnt loadibn proporly and i deleted CoC and download it again and the same problem happened again..so i really need your advice on what to do.

  11. I was in north 44 with 3723 cups. I just quit this game this week. it really sucks having so much trophies and you get stuck on cloud instead of skipping a match lol. I DONT MIND RAIDDING FOR TROPHIES. but really 1-2 trophies a match. Godson all top 200 clans are slowly walking away from this game.

  12. OMG u attacked a guy from my clan

  13. that sneaky finish tho 🙂

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  15. Its not cheating! Its Modern Warfare. 

    But on the other had it could be seen as the rich trying to stay rich! The top one percent aren't ready to lose their position so they make treaties to keep themselves at the top.Nothing illegal about it but it could be deemed morally downtrodden 
    ITs definitely a different game once you're in champions league

  16. this guy is one of those scumbags who says shit is fair because it's possible


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  19. 1 x-bow at th8 3 at 9 and 4 at 10

  20. I couldn't really hear him

  21. He is saying : you guys all suck 🙂

  22. How can you retire from a computer game😂😂😂

  23. That guy was a dumbass he pretty much said its ok to cheat

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  26. Hahahahah he is from middle east kuwaiti like me

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  28. Revenge still works. Its just that, you can only revenge right after the person wins on defense (less than 40%) and that's only if you are tapping on revenge the whole time. I know its very hard to get the timing right but still POSSIBLE! I have done it twice so far…. its BS from SC doing that….  if cheap shielding is cheating how bout SC crazy matchmaking with some one 300+ less cup than you and u lose easy 34 cups with two stars huh!!?? how is that different?? That is SC cheating us to get more money! EVENS OUT!   


  30. the dude (not godson) is making himself sound like a complete moron. He doesn't know what he's saying and he's just randomly throwing out random points that don't make any sense in context.

  31. yeah man some one finally talked about the shity rules from super cell

  32. What happened to them 😭 did they just disappear

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