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Clash of clans – Kings of clash clan inthedark (black is back?)

Clash of clans – Kings of clash clan inthedark (black is back?)
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this is an interview with N8 from the clan “inthedark” they are a farming clan with some good gameplay for you to look at while we talk about the update. the quality of the interview is low due to our internet connection but still watchable. enjoy!

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  1. I think their should be a new league called legendary or god and have champ I, II, and III.

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  3. They have beaten so many great clans

  4. Hey GodSon, im working hard on my clash videos! Really hope you come check them out!

  5. Godson my way is to farm because my clan are mostly farmers

  6. Hyena and my clan ryse rise

  7. Godson You Ready For People Attacking They'll Be Like Git Me Dat Money

  8. we want the old HEROS pls 😁

  9. I love these interviews

  10. Lol n8 had Attacken my clanleader

  11. Dude I'm best in a lot of clan wars in my clan

  12. Highest level player ever in clash named Alex is in the clan: Cyberscope

  13. FREEZE TOWERS FOR TH 11!!!! :))

  14. Why is he no longer posting video's

  15. Want free gems? Download AppNana at the AppStore! They trade points for ITunes cards which = GEMS!!! To get some free points use my invitation code. r400691

  16. Wizard fail at 5:02 and through out

  17. Was Shady(the top global player long time ago) the leader of "In The Dark" before?

  18. C'mon now , seriously, These guys from In The Dark use imod to simulate attacks on all the bases before the war starts, hey know where all the bombs and traps are ahead of time. I hope u guys don't actually think hey have skills in attacking.

  19. Hehe. it's jugg mark and I that bump heads a lot 😜

  20. My clan is not to active we only won 3 wars

  21. can anyone tell please me what is the best attack strategy for th7??

  22. Hi im eagle eye on clash of clans and I really like your videos

  23. its clear by now that ur not going to be able to jump the walls of town hall lvl 11 ( only with jump spells).

  24. Hi im GADFLOW , i still say that supercell should make an update to where the , builders could be used, for example builder at level 1 , should be able to make in a raid a carriege to help destroy walls , then builder at level two should make , the carriege turn into a kinda weak robot , an at level two an so on an so on , in that way it be even more tons of fun and poeple will start purchasing the last builder, i think they should just do it , right now i have a queen and King at level 5 ,

    GADFLOW , VANISH hehee 😀

  25. My clan is called WHEELSofTERROR

  26. Guys please use my feature points code or appnana please!!!:) http://featu.re/WHANBG


  27. My clan, elite Alaskans has a female leader, her username is fireblazer, COME JOIN TODAY!😄😄

  28. The best clan is InTheDark

  29. They should put a night mode in clash of clans! Like when it's night where you are on your base it would be night! I think that would be cool..

  30. fyi Farming Kings 1 2 3 4 5 all of em are better well the main is better

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