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Clash of Clans | JUDGEMENT DAY | How to Win Clan Wars

Clash of Clans | JUDGEMENT DAY | How to Win Clan Wars
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Clash of Clans judgement day new series! How win Clash of Clans clan wars!

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  1. Join my clan and give us some tips and my clans name is #Beast Members#

  2. Join my clan name GoalemParty

  3. cam help! i am th8 and i am bad at drags and have valks but not golems

  4. i have 3 starred lots of bases with gowipe and maybe my base look rushed but it isnt its only the walls

  5. speed demons my name mini boss plz join here we need help in our war we r on.a losing streak plz help us

  6. Hey Cam!
    Can u join my clan and please help us in improving! rate our clan! Clan is lvl 4.
    Name : The Art of War

  7. Colvin run we are a semi active clan and we have a blue and white flag

  8. Exiled Rebels Lv8 Please Join We are loosing a lot of wars due to our th9's..I want to meet you for 1 and a half year…please just say hi to me and I would be thankful to the you for the rest of my life..#I ❤️Cam

  9. my clan is called "superman 3.0". You should see some ppl that are called: Super Adam, The Unstoppable, and Shredder. Please join??. I will be waiting.

  10. Judge my clan Mud and BLOOD ppl there are huge fans there

  11. #Q8CL89RR… this is my clan tag…. and I really need some active war players of any th level.

  12. Hey cam i know you finish doing this but can you do it to my clan the clan name is CRAZY4CLASH its red ans white its lvl 8 and to join you need to have 1600 trophies and its invited only

  13. come in our clan migesty of war is our clan name and location nepal

  14. chris plz visit our clan so that you can juge the worst clan in lebanon ??? just kidding
    #LVPLCRLY clan name:eagles BTW love your vid.???

  15. Shadow Return'S
    tag number:-#PLCLG8GR

  16. TacoSquadMX, invite only war frequency weekly, and there is only one crystal league, i rock at three stars in war and i am the third best player

  17. SuperDragons
    It's got one th8 with the name tex@n

  18. my clan name is master fighters my name for coc is CMDRLogan53

  19. i already know my clan sucks so..

  20. Iceni lvl 9 white and black flag


  22. Join my clan witchers we r lv 8 n awesome war clan n donate troops every time

  23. Join Test Dummies with odd caps


  25. Visit my clan my clan name is black night #GQGC9CL2 WE DON'T LOSE ANY WAR. PLEASE CHECK US OUT

  26. The Resistance, #J9CPRCU8 I am the Leader my name is Jess please do visit, thx ?

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