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Clash of Clans – I Hate Troop AI (Larry!)

Clash of Clans – I Hate Troop AI (Larry!)
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Here’s a raid from a Clash of Clans live stream I did that I wanted to break down for you guys. Some seriously fudged up troop AI in this raid ends up destroying my chance of a 3 star – check it out and let me know what you think.
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  1. Well I mean Larry is a skeleton so he doesn't have any brains…

  2. Happens to me all the time. My barbs or skeletons try to go attack a building and usually my wizard or archers shoot it down but they still try to get through the wall

  3. In our last 2 wars, both my minions and BK would target a building, and then decide when they got close to target something else. I'm normally a very solid 2 star attacker.

  4. Hey Pat can u join our clan for your next farming episode, our clan is called The Brotherhood, our hashtag is #PORPLPRY  and my name is Cuba, thnx

  5. I don't understand why there is a need for facecam if you are just doing a voiceover. Is annoying and I did not like this video

  6. I find this sometimes happens with the king, he'll be attacking a pointless wall and I'll use his ability and the spawned units go somewhere else

  7. If the witch did survive, then I don't he still wouldn't have gotten the 3 stars (because of the time and the amount of building left with only 1 witch)…

  8. Wizards wanted the archer lady on top of the tower. Skeletons were dumbfounded by her beauty. Lol

  9. Every one join my clan called activate war it need more active people

  10. Honestly I'm glad raids like these happen to you Chief Pat!! You've got a hell of a lot better chance at getting a good response and action from supercell.  When these types of things happen to us, it gets buried all day 😛  All ranged troops and their "re-targeting" AI is pretty shitty.  Especially when walking around the outsides of bases clearing the last few buildings, sometimes wizards or archers or the queen will just target a wall instead of walking around.  I've seen that happen way too often.

  11. upgrade all your cannons to level 13

  12. I didn't know you could tryhard CoC, he has the headset and all.

  13. I think the logic of the AI is that, when it is behind the wall, it adds let say 5 to 7 tiles to the building… so what happened was that instead of let say 2 tiles away, it becase 7 to 9 tiles away, thus the other building that is not behind the wall makes the AI think it is the closest… 🙂

  14. That happened to me Cheif Pat join our clan and watch the replay. WARRIORS0012.

  15. You should update the iOS requirement in your description of videos

  16. I've noticed that too once a troop targets a wall the wall has to be destroyed before it moves on

  17. Wiz AI is really messed up lately…idk whats happened to them.

  18. That AI happens all the time. I use giants quite often and if they decide to break a wall, even after the defense they are going for is destroyed, they will continue to beat on the wall until it is gone. They will even not go through the new opening if the next closest defense is behind them or somewhere else. No troop will reevaluate until the objective building (or wall) is destroyed. To improve, I think troops should be allowed to reevaluate only when attacking walls, just like when they are walking toward a building and it gets destroyed, you can see them stop, evaluate the closest objective, then continue walking. If the building they are trying to attack gets destroyed then the evaluation process should restart even if attacking a wall. Would also be cool if they could evaluate the fastest path (like they do already) but during breaking a wall. This way if one troop is attempting to break a wall by itself while a group of other troops are breaking another wall, the lone troop will see that the wall the group is breaking will be destroyed quicker than his and will stop and join the group and get through quicker. This would solve a lot of issues in the game including this one.

  19. Wheres the fail, there is no fucking fail in this vid its just ur attacking skills… The only reason u won is cos u gemmed all ur troops and ur fucking heros.

  20. Patrick for how long did you play it because I use to play it be four 4years ago when it came out but I left it

  21. At least it wasn't during war.

  22. Great video, troops in COC has horrible AI compare to other similar games, they should be attacking the nearest building but instead they will attack something else. May be its their way to make the game 'harder'

  23. This is a real question. Do you have two YouTube channels?

  24. stop complaining.. shit happens to us all the time

  25. Thats my problom with giants they target a wall the defense gets destroyed they do nothing after they break the wall they target another wall and so i lose

  26. can you check my base out im in ssk hockey the one with black and green clan thing my name is JDOG22

  27. larry likes elixer. So he went for the archers witch look like elixer with their purple hair. Larry needs, to see an eye dodctor

  28. well, I just started COC not long ago, the Troop AI is the most annoying thing in the whole game, the shittiest AI ever.

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