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Clash of Clans | How To Use Dragons and Hogs at TH8 – CoC Attack Strategy for Town Hall 8

Clash of Clans | How To Use Dragons and Hogs at TH8 – CoC Attack Strategy for Town Hall 8
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Clash of Clans Guide! Dragons and Hogs at TH8 in Clash of Clans. A How To Guide at Town Hall 8 for a 3 star attack strategy and how to use each troop effectively against TH8 bases in Clash of Clans. One of the best attack strategies at TH8 and always good to have in your toolkit. Follow the simple steps below and even anti 3 star bases can be no match for Dragons and Hogs.
Step 1 – Lightning (or Zap Quake) the hardest to get to Air Defence
Step 2 – Work out how to path your Hog Riders to another Air Defence (3-4 defences is a good amount). I take 4 Hog Riders and ask for max Hogs in my clan castle. You have to have the enemy clan castle occupied before starting this stage – if you cannot do so skip ahead to step 3 and come back to step 2 when appropriate.
Step 3 – Funnel your Dragons in towards the remaining Air Defence – you can take a Rage Spell for this but I prefer to use a Heal Spell on my Hogs.
– Uses for the Barbarian King: I like to use him before putting the Hogs in to take some damage and ensure they reach the Air Defence. If you’re confident you will take it out you can use him to distract defences on the back end of the base that your Dragons will reach last. As a third option you could use him to help create the funnel for your Dragons to reach their target Air Defence (although I believe he is best utilised in one of the other two methods).
As with every Attack Strategy the Dragon and Hogs method at TH8 is no different. You will have to ensure the base setup is correct for the strategy but as long as you can take apart the Air Defence – you will have no problem crushing bases in war for the 3 star.
Drop me a comment below if this How To Guide for Dragons and Hogs was helpful for you. I will bring you more How To Guides at TH8 in time but this is certainly a strong generic army composition that will help you gain that war victory. Good luck and clash on!


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