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Clash of Clans “How To Lavaloonion” Attack Strategy Guide!

Clash of Clans “How To Lavaloonion” Attack Strategy Guide!
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Clash Of Clans Attacks presents ‘How To Lavaloonion’ in Clash of Clans!

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!

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  1. why do I only see a green screen?

  2. What about th9 lavaloonion 🙁

  3. Screw all the people who are giving negative comments towards your appearance. Seriously?? I wish there were more people in other game communities that presented content like you.  Always professional but laid back, entertaining, and easy to listen to.  Unlike the stupid FIFA community that seems to praise people screaming and overreacting like complete idiots as "great content".

  4. you're tha man GALADON! keep it up sir!

  5. Why are people saying Galadon (Gallydon :P) is old… He looks like he is in the 30's and has an amazing voice :D….if you think a person that is around 30 years of age is old…..then best for you to go back to sleep 😛 haha p.s Amazing content galadon! You are my fav clash you-tuber 🙂

  6. Did galadon you have to make this song you new intro it is awesome

  7. Can you do "How to do a Balloonion raid"? Because I think a lot of th 8 players would really appreciate if you can show the tricks/tecniques to do it effectively 🙂

  8. hello i would like to ask if how to reconnect your coc account on your facebook if you accidentally disconnected it??please answer my question  thanks anyway 🙂

  9. Tell me I am not the only one that find themselves trying to scroll around the village and read the messages just to realize… I am still watching a video.

  10. The moment when u find 1.5 Mill + loot is not possible to describe …

  11. I'm from Finland and it's awesome to see finnish attacks in your videos! 🙂 Do more videos about finnish attacks! It would be so cool!

  12. commenting coz i wan to b a top subscriber 😐 i need gems

  13. I think north coast is on your channel more than you

  14. I discovered you in the stream with Chief Pat, and you two were amazing! So I decided to subscribe at your channel and your videos are awesome!

  15. Why ppl hating on Galadon's appearence, why dont you do a face reveal  in front of thousands of people, that way we can critique you

  16. None of these attacks had troops in the opposing cc.

  17. How To Lavaloonion at TownHall 9? Make Vid for that too

  18. ♉️♉️🏧♉️🔯♌️♉️🏧♉️♋️🆚🔯♌️

  19. Noiceee! I remember seeing the thumbnail on the stream 😛

  20. Very well explained, thankyou.

  21. Im th9 and i use two lava hounds

  22. Hey gallydon. love the stream man. keep up the good work!!! no Kappa

  23. dude who gives a fuck what he looks like or sounds like. its clash of clans videos. if you don't like it go somewhere else

  24. If there's a little bit of space you can send balloons the lava hounds cause the lava hounds will pass them

  25. Please do this but for th9. Btw great video 😉

  26. Galadon what does a th9 lavaloonian army look like? How many hounds, loons n minions?

  27. what do u recommend in th9 lavaloonion army composition? how many baloons, how many lavahounds and how many minions? thank you! hope u answer

  28. What is the song Galadon?

  29. Nice to Good your attack💪

  30. nice episode ….  ive asked u soo many times!!!!to join ur clan. (Full Attack).plz gally dont depress me…

  31. Nopsa means fast ×_× and in helsinki theres finlandia house of music .. anybody accepts? More people from finland?

  32. Do a video to show how to defend against those attacks.

  33. @Clash of Clans Attacks, would like to request if you can try just LAVALOONS(which is quite efficient as well). esp for TH9, and make a video for it please. would like to see and learn how you can adjust and make it work for different layouts.  

  34. I don't want to judge but you siad "jonne" so wrong

  35. Should I upgrade lava hounds or golems?

  36. Thank you so much galidon! Learned a lot from you and your vids!! Idol!!

  37. what's this movie's opening theme song?

  38. What do you do for taking out the enemy's cc troops? Lure them out or just attack without luring?


  40. If you like lavaloonion try DragMiBalls

  41. i hope i can learn this strategy soon

  42. i wish that clash royale hadnt taken over and clash was still in the state it was this time lash year #makeclashgreatagain

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