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Clash of Clans | HOW TO ATTACK TH 8 GOHO | Without Scouts CoC

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Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 War Beast is back! How to attack town hall 8 without knowing where the double giant bomb is.

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  1. yes plz drunk attack xD

  2. i magine if there were trap/deffence busters like the sentry busters :D

  3. Hey cam do level 2 hogs work for Goho attack

  4. I want you to attack drunk
    Pls pls pretty pls????

  5. What is the best attack strategy for Th 7

  6. Legend of the last balloon wtf

  7. How to know how many hogs and golems to bring??

  8. Well Christian sounds like a miserable virgin retard lmfao

  9. cam can u join my clan or u join mine

  10. sorry i'm asking this late lol, but i just started attacking with goho, and i want to ask how the fuck do you decide where do you attack from?

  11. can i please join your clan me and one of my friends im th10 and hes th8

  12. CQOTD: How long time have you played Clash of Clans?

  13. how do you know when to use 2 golems in goho

  14. Fuck did you got drunk fuck you bitch!

  15. Please help me withy goho attacks I am failing my clan please help

  16. Plz make a town hall 7 video

  17. Hey i wanna join ur clan im the too

  18. Haha I thought goho was go=golem and I thought ho=lava hound and I'm like how's that a town hall 8 attack then I freaking realized

  19. you can tell cam searched this up on youtube since we all know #camsucksatattacking

  20. would this work if my hogs are level one?


  22. Broh I watch all ur video and I love it attack and strategy and all soooo can I join ur clan I am townhall 7

  23. Beginning mad me laff

  24. Nederlanders hier die op zoek zijn naar een goede clan? TheLuchaDragons wint bijna elke clanwar! We zijn op zoek naar goede Th7 en hoger!

  25. plz let me join your clan

  26. bro in goho lots of dark elixir waste

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