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Clash of Clans “How Many Hounds?” Lava Hound Strategy in Clash!

Clash of Clans “How Many Hounds?” Lava Hound Strategy in Clash!
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Clash Of Clans Attacks presents Lava Hound attacks in Clash of Clans! Clash Of Clans ‘Strategy’? Maybe!

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an awesome combination of strategy, building, and player-versus-player live action combat. Create an army of Archers, Giants, Wizards, Lava Hounds and other fearsome warriors. Become a part of clans of up to 50 players and rise through the leagues, or lead your own Clan to the top of the leaderboards. Stomping Goblins is the first move – your journey isn’t over until your clan stands above all others!

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  1. Speaking of hound my th8 base killed one with it's pups in 4 seconds:D base OP

  2. Best clash of clans channel there is in my opninion, all the tips you need and a bit of humor! Love all your video's 🙂

  3. Do this with gowipe now, except with more and more golems!

  4. Galadon pls review my base..
    Username: Chai
    Clan name: city of ultron
    Clan tag: #PYC82U8Y

    It will really make my first day after exams great..

  5. Do an attack of all lava hounds

  6. thank you for showing the lava hound strategy, I used gowiwi before and used this for the first time against a TH 10 base in war and almost got 3 stars without using heroes!

  7. Galadon pls may you visit my clan??? its called DEMENT3Dcrew

  8. would've been a lot better if you placed 4 on each side… terrible placement of the hounds imo the xbow wouldn't have targeted your balloons so early and get rid of more bombs..

  9. I just got a6 star war in lp4 hades using 5 hounds 20 max loons, 3 rage 1 lightning, ive been hearing it called penta hound or penta laloon. Weird side note the enemy clan 3 starred like 10 of our bases so far using 10 giants 3 healers, 16 hogs and rest space wizards like 14 or so odd combo but with new update that air bombs dont hit healers suppose it works well

  10. "A gally fail a day, keeps the doctor away!" < best part 😀

  11. +Clash of Clans Attacks do a video on the new healers

  12. where is peter? gallydon ? 🙁 i miss him . let him make videos 🙂

  13. Instead call it clash of clans fails with gala don because you always fail when you try an attack don't understand why I even watch your videos anymore.

  14. Yea but SPREAD THE LAVAHOUNDS OUT! no use dumping them in one spot…. honestly. 

  15. Why do you even let peter post vids on your channel

  16. You did a pretty bad job on that 8 hound raid. All the hounds were grouped up, and the balloons were in a group in a separate part of the village. You've got to get those hounds spread out (Might even try dropping 2 on each air defense right at the start, at the very least split them into 2 groups over 2 air defenses) and spread the balloons to take out more defenses in parallel.

  17. Hi Galadon..If possible, can we see JeezaaH in action again included in one of your video in the future again? 😀

  18. Dude ask Peter 17$ to attack for you lol!!!

  19. I remember a time when you could send in all golems and get the defenses down on a maxed base for the heros to get the 2 star…Thank god we never had to experience that with lavahounds lol

  20. lol these guys have no clue how to attack. so cringey

  21. hey,your intro make me  dizzy..

  22. Poor attack, you didn't deserve to win anyway.

  23. For me , you are the best youtuber galadon. And clash on.

  24. hey you should drop 4 hound on 1 and 4 hounds on second air defence because other air defence killed you baloons .. (sry for bad English)

  25. no such thing silly gallydon

  26. The thing is one attack was six lava hounds no clan castle, one was seven 1 in clan castle, so the second will obviously do better because its one more troop, and takes away  no space for baloons etc,  there should be no clan lava hounds.

  27. Eeh JT my buddy! LOL he's still a noob 😉

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