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Clash of Clans “HoLoWiWi And Beyond” Hogs and Balloons Doing Damage!

Clash of Clans “HoLoWiWi And Beyond” Hogs and Balloons Doing Damage!
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Clash Of Clans

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  1. I JUST DEFEND 4 times in a row in clan war I'm nr 5 in our clan and got attacked but 3 that finally got 1 star from me 🙂 very nice defence I think 🙂

  2. I used this straligy with 15 hogs 15 loons hound in clan castle and rest minons with three rage and a heal. First take out a air def of my choice with the hogs and heal which draws out clan troops kill clan troops with minions and then uses hound and loons to finish the base

  3. I prefer HOw LOw can WI GO

  4. I have a replay of a guy attacking me and all of his hogs died right away, its the ultimate hog rider fail!

  5. What song does he use in all of his videos

  6. I thought it was a mistake upgrading hogs,Thank you

  7. Can u do the same at th8 but without witches

  8. wow a level 5 archer with level 6 balloons,level 5 hogs and a level 6 queen WTF

  9. Wow, you're about 4 months behind the curve. My clan has been using this attack for a long time.

  10. Can we have townhall 8 HoLoWiWi? 

  11. holy crap its my friend no joke omg

  12. Comment for clash of clan
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    Ignore for justin bieber

  13. Yo nice strategy galadon

  14. tbh, while the loon deployment in the first 2 attacks was quite strong, the remainder of the raid was really sloppy.  It can be much more effective to use witches to deal with the cc troops.  Use a staggered drop so they are creating skellies at differing intervals and all voila! (NB: sometimes a valk can be tricky and require a bit extra attention).  I run all the hog variants with great success and somehow I bring witches and still don't spend as much housing units as that guy did. 

    The third raid was pretty poorly deployed too … that golem took like half it's life in dps unnecessarily. Sorry guys … just an honest opinion.

  15. when using holo,if you bring  a golem its called a cold blooded,if u bring 2 its called a shatterd,and if you bring 3 its called a cupcake

  16. Lp4 v lp4 what . Multiple lp4?

  17. Those bases suck… Can be 3 starred in so many ways

  18. Clicked on it cause i had no idea what it was, didn't regret it. Now trying to think of a way you could do this at th8. This raid looks awesome!

  19. i wannna join full attack plz…

  20. Gallon I have a video sugestion.. I know a really affective th 7 attack. It's 24 balloons 2 rage 1 heal the rest minions

  21. When i saw this video's thumbnail i was like

    "Holo Swag?.."

  22. Galidon you are awsome and better than Peter17£

  23. You should change your intro , it's so boring

  24. It's two for archer towers and wizard towers and one for mortars and cannons

  25. Thanks for this vid!! I'm in a war that had the perfect base design for what this vid was about and I 3 starred it! Thanks again for this vid. It really helped.

  26. can we use holowi on th 8 can you make a video on it for th 8 wa bases

  27. The first 2 had the same base design

  28. Why do you always call giant bombs big bombs?

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