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Clash of Clans – High Level Trophy Pushing = Broken. (Q4000 Recap)

Clash of Clans – High Level Trophy Pushing = Broken. (Q4000 Recap)
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Another Clash of Clans video: this time talking about trophy pushing past 4,000 in Clash of Clans. Watching Galadon throughout the last two weeks was a mind opener, check the video and let me know what you think!
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Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!

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  1. Sub 200 farm XD then go back up

  2. What happened to your original Let's Play Series. You stopped at episode 99….

  3. Make a quest to 5000 trophies love the vids keep up the good work

  4. if this was to happen, id quit clash of clans almost instantly

  5. There's only 24 hours in a day not 100 lol still love you tho

  6. How about being able to somehow revenge attack easier 

  7. lol you should have never called this channel playcoc, i deleted clash over a year ago and came back to your channel. You're just a sick youtuber, well spoken, never cuss, interesting she-at lol pat make a vlogging channel, it would be so much more exciting than clash videos

  8. O Would add a new league to change the champions one 

  9. But high lvl people would destroy lower Level people at the beginning of the month

  10. I consider myself a casual player who likes the challenge of fighting against tough bases. I come on for about 20 minutes a day… I find it frustrating that I can't play and enjoy the game beyond 3600 trophies because I haven't got the time to search for a base. As it only takes 3 minutes to attack, this is ridiculous.

    Why don't they have another competition where you can fight each other for points. With base values (similar to what is used in the war matchmaking system), clashers could compete in a tournament for points that resets every 2 weeks. Incorporates leagues, but clashers are matched on base development (like wars), rather than trophies.

  11. Even if supercell reset every month, the player to play the most will win, which is almost the same as it is now (i.e. currently people who had a headstart to top ranks are at an advantage relative to players starting to push later)

  12. They need to make huge trophie offers like 60 and over and when u lose defense u lose 20

  13. You're whining about not finding raids above 4500 trophies? Look at the top 200! The top 200 people alone range from about 4850 to 4700. A 150 trophy range that only 200 people in the world are in. Most of which are on constantly so You can't raid them. They have to have a limit. 5000 trophies is nearly 2 THOUSAND above the entrance requirement for Champions. There is nothing left to achieve literally after champions. At least not according to the game's acheivements

  14. guys i just wanna point out all the bitching and complaining noob pat does is way over exaggerated. yes in the top cups u get hit hard on defense, and u can have negative sessions even without loosing attacks, but u also find good offers and can get shit done while your ipad is in the clouds. Any high trophy player is there in their trophies because thats the way they want to play the game, and they enjoy it in some way or another.  Just wanna let you know that clouds at 4000 trophies are NEVER more then 30 seconds, and pat was totally fuckin wrong when he said that offers at 3600 are worse then 4000. It's common sense, the higher u go the more clouds. Just supply and demand. Pat u make shit ton of money from youtube which is good for you I dont care really, so to all hater noobs who will try to say I am just jealous dont even try… But pat –  stop bitching and giving wrong information to millions of people at least. If you dont know shit then just dont say anything. Dont believe all the shit you hear please if u wanna learn whats what honestly then just tell me and ill tell you straight up.. Peace

  15. When I first started playing a year ao thats what I thought it was going to do. I thought "whats the point of having 2 week "seasons" if they aren't going to reset anything at all? (except donations, cuz you know we all care about that so much)" They maybe need to do month seasons and reset either everyone to one trophy count or to the beginning of the league your in or maybe 2 leagues down.so everyone in chaps would go to crystal 3

  16. +PlayClashOfClans Hope you read this cos I'm really not in the mood to write a comment at the moment but here we go….lol:

    Pat, I think your system would be good, if it weren't for the fact that these clashers are full time, all they care about is the trophies (most of the time, and no offense to all those I may be offending, it is just what it seems). As you said, Galadon was playing 100hrs in 2weeks, was it? Can't be bothered to go check. Anyway, that's crazy, the system that you propose could make it all worse since clashers would all be online for ages! The mad rush! People would be spending (theoretically) more time in the clouds than previously. This is because so many players would be online at the same time. Even so, I do like your idea, I think it could make the game more fun, probably more competitive too.

    Damn, this comment is longer than I intended,although I hadn't been planning it.

    So, I haven't really thought this idea through and it isn't fully developed,literally, I've got not much of a clue. Here we go though: I think that the range of players being able to attack each other should increase, that's not saying that a player up at 4400 could smash a player at 3800 for a heap of trophies. But top clashers should be able to go for people slightly lower down. Let's say that if you hit 4000+ trophies you can raid someone 5,6,700 trophies below you? I don't know how or if it would work. Or even what it is like now, so no criticism on this part please, maybe some explaining though ;). Though, the lower they are the less trophies you get for them (not including revenges, they can be normal). I really don't know, wish I did.

    Maybe another option would be to lower the trophies someone can be hit for, hence making it harder to be hit for like 50 devastating trophies? Maybe….

    Anyway congrats if you got this far!!!!!!!Thank you for reading so much. Took a bit of time to write and think about, I will take criticism from anyone as long as it is rightful in their eyes. Once again hope you read this, I would heavily APPREICIATE feedback, but no pressure, I know that it is hard.TY. also nice vid, pat!?✋???lolz 😉 bye for now
    P.S.Oh yeah,can't be bothered to scroll up and a fit this is somewhere, maybe supercell should somehow ask clashers through the game too,idk, maybe they should have a think also…. Once again,ty.

  17. Can I join clashtronauts? I am lv95, archer lv6 and barb lv3…

  18. Your solution is bad

  19. Your idea isnt reakky bad… but it would be a little bit unfair for those th snipers wich worked 6 Months or more to get above 4100

  20. If you attack and win you gain so little but if you lose the attack you lose so much. 

  21. The real question is why should supercell cater to the 1% of their player base that is in those high trophy ranges when 99%, maybe even a bit more like 99.5%, of the player base are in lower trophy ranges

  22. Our leader is a th 8 at 4300 (clan:Ninja Burgers

  23. You got what you wanted; they're gonna reset the trophies every month

  24. Guys I need a lvl 5+ clan that can help me trophy push I am th8

  25. A big problem is player mentality.
    5% collect trophies
    15% don't worry about trophies
    80% dump trophies because they feel life is easier foraging for scraps in low leagues.

    What this mentality has provided players, is low level farm leagues for higher level players.

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