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Clash of Clans | HE IS WATCHING ME! CREEPY | Do Not Fail

Clash of Clans | HE IS WATCHING ME! CREEPY | Do Not Fail
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Clash of Clans now shows when there is a spectator, and a creeper was watching me attack him xD

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  1. u pulled a 3 star out of ur ass!!??!

  2. that moment when cams clan is closed. #Sadlife

  3. He finds it when someone is watching him attack when his channel is pretty much watching people attacl

  4. The one reason why you got a three star is because you're boos

  5. Finally clash of clans

  6. happened to me,felt so bad for him watching live lmao

  7. u piece uv shit warden

  8. that name did u just do it beacsue u coudnly think of anything else?

  9. Did anyone else see the king at about 8:06?? Hes about to break the lvl 10 wall, then he randomly switches to a dark barracks, destroy it and then goes back to where he was destroying the wall, except instead he targets a full health lvl 11 wall, i know it might have been cuz his target got destroyed or something, but shouldn't the "A.I" then go back to the other wall he'd already almost destroyed before, if it isn't programmed that way it definitely needs a fix

  10. I also love twenty one pilots

  11. why your name cam sucks at gaming

  12. CQOTD: whats ur favourite troop

  13. Its at least worth a try!

  14. METALIICA slipknot yeaaa

  15. What's the name of the song in the intro?

  16. That picture are ugly like you superasshole fan

  17. When I clicked on this video The Circle commercial can on and on the song it says We are watching You.

  18. Sometimes it's good when a little bit of troops go outside because they get percent and they don't get hit by a lot of defencese

  19. When u answered the favourite artist/music group I got really happy cuz I really like twenty one pilots xD

  20. Slipknot is my fav band

  21. I think that attack was fine honestly but i mean crap i cold be wrong

  22. now the clan is level 12 i have just see at it

  23. anyone have a link for the intro?

  24. Love these type of videos

  25. im only a town hall 5 and im on goblin map triple A

  26. I don't like the spectators update cuz when I know someone is watching me, it gives me anxiety so I do worse

  27. that phrase VESTI means news

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