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Clash of Clans – Haste Spell Testing + Speedy Goblins! (New Update)

Clash of Clans – Haste Spell Testing + Speedy Goblins! (New Update)
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The new Clash of Clans update came out yesterday, and I’ll be testing the haste spell today with GoWiPe & some speedy goblins. Haste spells are definitely much better with balloons/air attacks, but it was still worth a shot… Let me know what you think!
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  1. New Queen AI. Still extremely stupid.

  2. Tbh I want my old queen back tired of her walking all around the base even though I funneled her perfectly just like pre update. They should have changed ger from some old hobbits but not to this point… Change her back lol

  3. All balloons and EARTHQUAKE SPELLS! lol

  4. Dont blame your troops going around because of the haste spell -.- It's not the spells fault that your troops went around, you're the one clicking the screen. Don't forget

  5. Hope to see a lavaloonion video with haste spells pat

  6. Why didn't Pat use the Gobs and Haste Spell on Single Player so he doesn't risk losing trophies

  7. Do haste and poison spells stack?

  8. I so want to post a hate comment about his posting…

  9. does the haste spell speed up the attack rate as well as movement?

  10. Can Any Body Join My New Clan ExiledMilitia

  11. Cool video man. Thanks

  12. Does the speed of the haste spell and rage spell stack?

  13. Does the haste and rage spell's speed stack?

  14. That was the dopest commercial I have ever seen before a video!

  15. Can some pone tell me why does the video looks much smoother? Because I din't know my iPad could handle 60 fps. 

  16. Bring one poison spell it will take out the clan castle troops

  17. ha ha
    they are speed jumping

  18. Noticed his voice is a bit hoarse in his last videos?

  19. What about minions in haste spell

  20. Where's the best spot to farm for a th9? Im around silver 1/gold 3 and its absolutely shit down here. I voosted my barracks and after an hour, i've only gained 1 mil. Half of the gold was spent on looking through bases. These are the moments that makes me absolutely hate fucking supercell and wanna chuck my phone at a wall.

  21. Minions have the Same Speed as Goblins

  22. cough Rage Spell cough

  23. Hey guys, since we have 2 different barracks and 2 different spell factories, why not have 2 different labs? One for Dark elixir upgrades and one for normal elixir upgrades? Even in th9 and maybe th8, some upgrades take too long. 

  24. Hey pat. Lov ur vids and ur gameplay. With the haste spells it'll be cool to use them in ur race with Galadon or make a rule to band them. Or u can ask ppl if u should. It'll be cool and funny watchin gobs with jump spells and haste spells gettin the 2* xD. U can also make it a rule to like only use the new dark spells. Now that'll be fun 🙂 Make sure u shout me out Benji B and/or causually_clashing on instagram. THANKS AND WELLDONE AGAIN ;)

  25. minions are same fast like goblins

  26. Hey Chief Pat, how about a video on the new lvl dragons, I used to watch you do well with dragons on the first player maps and let's plays

  27. Hey you dont have an intro,edit neither closing but your videos are quality and thats what we want PUT ME IN YOUR VIDEO CHIEF GOOD CHANNEL CONGRATS!!!

  28. Giants are messed up after the update. Instead of going to the mortar in the center just behind a wall they walk out of the base and attack a wall to next to an archer tower in the first layer of walls. They were in the center and walked out…

  29. Dafuq did I just watch….

  30. i hate this video because they have all hero 40. and the army is maximum. Who has maximum army ? – Only 1000 player. and all other players can wait one year or what.  ? tnx for nothing !!!

  31. I think Haste Spell and Jump Spells are a good combo!

  32. Worst update yet! They made the troop ai even worse, I use my normal war attack strategy (golavaloon) and the qween keeps attacking other things while cc take her out like she don't give a F. Supercell needs to fix this fast!!

  33. I leave my troops running for as long as possible to see if I can get more trophies and loot it helps

  34. Hey Patrick. I know it might seem like a stupid idea, but since now they have 3 new dark spells, do you think they should have a new dark elixir drill?

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  36. Overlapping spells? Mhmm

  37. The haste potions work better if you put them out front of a rage potion, you are dropping them spread out, not good, if you drop them them in a straight line in combination with rage potions they work much better.. Great vid as always THX! 

  38. I've already achieved it!

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