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Clash of Clans | HACKS CHEATS AND XMOD BANNED!! | SuperCell Taking Action

Clash of Clans | HACKS CHEATS AND XMOD BANNED!! | SuperCell Taking Action
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Supercell has announced that they will be stepping up their game against xmod and cheats across all of their games. Fair wars are finally here!!

More info:

Cam Plays Super Smash Bros:

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  1. What's the name of the song in the end part ?


  3. The weird song is called Vitas – The 7th Element

  4. cam why are you acting this way

  5. cam why are you acting this way

  6. This release is so out-of-date. Latest release of the cheat is here just search " ronitolguides " in google.

  7. Cam here's a good question, if there is a th12 that will maybe happen, will you play clash of clans more often?

  8. I'm Sorry For The Mean Comment And Sending Bleach To You But Honestly I Think I Got Your PO Wrong But I Will Watch You On Thursday s Only

  9. Can I have xmod and use it for other games and not any supercell games

  10. guys pls join my clan
    clan name-Jhi baryami

  11. His clash videos get more views then his other games on a ratio to 1:3

  12. this video was made on my b day

  13. Cam ur like FairPlay and this guy in ur clan named Connor said u were a **** and he said I can't join I'm a maxed th 10 I like don't like ur clan anymore they think there the best.

  14. CQOTD: If money doesn't buy you happiness, then how did it just buy me 14000 gems?

  15. How is super cell going to check peoples phones for 3rd party software? Sounds like an invasion of privacy if their checking someones device for software. If were not using 3rd party software that manipulates the game itself then i do not think they can do anything. What about apps/ software like FREP?? It does not change the game or programming.

  16. hey cam can i join your clan ?? im a lvl 109 max def and lvl 7 n 8 walls im good in wars i use goho may i join your clan my name is whysoserious ??

  17. you should play the new Doom game also plus 1 subscriber I'm glad your expanding to different game's. I still play coc but it gets boring since my 1100 war stars.

  18. Cam i wanna join your clan?

  19. I think HAMMERS' ODINO got rekt by the bans

  20. still using mods and no band

  21. Cam when u will be opening ur clan in coc ! i want to join ! plszz set as 1500 trophes for me ! today !

  22. I found this awesome site! " CLASHOFCLANSCHEATSNET " just search in google It actually works, generate free gems and other resources

  23. wow I remember when he had just 179000 wow in my opinion it was better

  24. Whats the outro music ???

  25. Supercell is Illuminati confirmed because of fair play.

  26. hi I want to hack the clash of clans
    how can I do.

  27. cam do you know about the shadow glitch… I couldnt find it on you tube or anywhere else but if you go to base edit mode and go to active base you can click on any thing but defences.. so like a gold mine.. click it and it will start going dark wait until it goes as dark as it can then click save base and go back too your base and it will be darker and it will be until you select it to move it …… I also found another way… while in base edit still select active base and select a defense.. archer tower.. when it goes dark hit scout mode on the side and it will stay dark.. it looks kool when the whole base is blacked out…. I don't know if anyone else knows about it but know they do if they read this

  28. Anyone still using Xmod or Bot… and still isn't banned…???

  29. Get the mod for clash of clan,delete xmod,you'll probably not get banned

  30. I should of listen, I've been banned for using xmod, 2 times, lol I'm done with supercell, money hungry, they could have at least gave us a in game warning or 30 days, who cares tho, th9 almost maxed 3 years down the drain 40 bucks, fuck you supercell

  31. If u want to revange from supercell about ur banned account just follow me.
    This is the first way to make global abuse..
    Go to setting apps clash of clans and clear data..
    Start the game do not connect with gmail and make a village..
    Go to global norsk and start reporting..
    If one thousand banned players do it many thousand will be muted they will complaint supershit..
    If supershit solved this problem we will find anotherone.. lolz
    Are u with me???
    Make ur village name reporter becouse your reporting frnds will know u in global hahhaha

  32. I didn't even hear this announcement, and I got my account banned .-.

  33. I'm th8 gold 2 I wanna join u

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