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Clash of Clans | GoWiPe with Back End Jump – TH9 Attack Strategy – CoC 3 Star War Raid

Clash of Clans | GoWiPe with Back End Jump – TH9 Attack Strategy – CoC 3 Star War Raid
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Clash of Clans Attack! GoWiPe Strategy at TH9 to 3 Star? Back End Jump Spells are used to 3 star this base layout in war. This video is aimed at beginners as I often see a standard ground attack which could be improved dramatically even from just a jump spell and no back end troops. There are always a number of attack strategies you can you to 3 star a base in CoC, you may not always choose the best or most efficient attack strategy but if you can keep things simple and still get the 3 stars there may be less risk involved. This mid-level TH9 base is taken down with the GoWiPe attack strategy because it is spread out and allows the Golems, Wizards and Pekka to move through the base easily. This is assisted to turn the GoWiPe Attack Strategy into 3 Stars with use of the Jump Spells to access the back end defences. This was also where hybrid attacks such as the LoGoWiPe and HoGoWiPe were developed, using Balloons or Hog Riders for the back end defences. I hope you are able to use the GoWiPe Attack Strategy at TH9 in CoC to help you 3 Star some bases, more complex strategies in some instances are superior but you also need the skill to execute them. Feel free to share any strategy or tips in the comment section below, especially if you have had success with the GoWiPe strategy. Clash On!


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  1. nice vid but…. gowipe? lol at least you are showing a th10 attacking a th9, proving that if you wanna 3 star a th9 with gowipe you should be th10 xD

  2. Great Commentary And Video As Always! Good Job JuDo?

  3. Nice video man. I usually never use gowipe in war because of its reputation as a 2 star attack. So yeah, I would have taken out that base differently.

    Also, I have been practicing golaloon a bunch today, so I am finally mixing air attacks into my attack arsenal. The one problem I have encountered though is my kill squad sometimes dying and not completing the objectives (queen, cc and 1 AD). I don't know if that's just because of my low heroes (10, 11), or because i'm missing something. All I know is that it's frustrating lol.

    I also wanted to hear your opinion on being able to use heroes in war while they're upgrading. I personally think that you should be able to do this, as you can use troops, spells and defences while they're upgrading; but you can't use heroes for some reason. Because of this reason, my hero upgrades have been halted for a while, as I hate missing wars. So what's your stance? Do you think that supercell should make this a thing, or not?

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