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Clash of Clans GOWIPE Guide by Galadon – Chapter 1

Clash of Clans GOWIPE Guide by Galadon – Chapter 1
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YOU asked for it- a comprehensive guide to one of the most often used Clash of Clans attacks – GoWiPe – attacking with Golems, Wizards, and PEKKA! A multi-part series of two episodes a day, breaking down the ins and outs of this extremely popular and effective attacking strategy.

Stay tuned – and subscribed- for future uploads- two a day- as we work on ‘writing the book’ on GoWiPe – TOGETHER! Please include your strategy tips, experiences, and suggestions in the comments below!

Thanks for helping to make Clash of Clans Attacks one of the fastest growing Clash of Clans channels on YouTube! I will continue to read all of your comments, like I always have!

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  1. Did you just say pooowah. Hmmmmm hmmmmm " row row fight the poooowah"

  2. So would you change the army compositions now that the earthquake spell is around?  4 quakes can take out a ton of walls so then you wouldn't need as many, or any, wallbreakers.  but 4 quakes leaves only 1 rage at th8…

  3. galadon can I join your clan im a big fan of yours please

  4. u cant use three pekka with that comp

  5. can i gowipe with level 1 golem and lvl 2 pekka?

  6. Gowi, also known as Golem Wizard it works for me, it gets me a 2 star usually, and sometimes a 1 star and I'm a th 10 in Titans 2

  7. I cant use this army too many troops for the th 8 army camps

  8. Galadon, Good day, can i join your clan? :))

  9. Your TH9 build is not possible. You have 249 troops when th9 max capacity is 220

  10. 14 vvallbreakers? vvtf hovv?

  11. it became 225 ..TH8 have 200..
    Pekka on cc??

  12. so if im a th9 what would i request for my cc?

  13. I was playing clash for 4 years

  14. Can I go wipe with level 39queen?

  15. LOL, in the town hall 10 the barbarians are level 1 😂

  16. hey galedon i need a word with u bro plz hit me back

  17. i wanna know why everyone is being banned from clash ,when it u guys that should be doing ur job sensoring global chat

  18. i have been threatened. over and over abt being banned even tho i did nothing

  19. i admit i used to bs on there but who didnt

  20. people shouldnt be banned for this ,or have there account deleted

  21. its really aggravating because i spend alot of cash on clash of clans

  22. over 300 dollars. on one acc

  23. if nobody responds im gonna keep bothering u guys till i get some type of answer

  24. Galadon I love ur clan lost phoenix pllzzz its my dream that can I come in your clan for few hours plzzz…can i….?

  25. th8 doesn't have enough space

  26. what app does he use to hide troop levels?

  27. Ever think of doing a series or video of why not to rush? I have a few videos of my th 9 whooping rushed th 10 and 11's( all with infernos of coarse and a third xbow)

  28. Galadon galamom attacked me

  29. Whos watching in 2017 me only i guess old coc ;(

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