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Clash of Clans | FIRST WAR EVER | Th 3 vs Th 5 Funny Attack Fail?

Clash of Clans | FIRST WAR EVER | Th 3 vs Th 5 Funny Attack Fail?
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Clash of Clans first war ever! Town hall 3 VS town hall 5 funny attack fail CoC

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Judgement Day:

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Check this out chief!


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  2. That text at 2:40 scared me. I thought it was my phone

  3. What did his town hall 3 look like?

  4. When he said Christian that scared me. Because my name is Christian and I was like woah, all this fame

  5. Who else went the their texts after the text for him came up? ?

  6. Same when I attack townhall 7

  7. I forgot cam used to curse ?

  8. i used to remember i was a mediam th6 and i attacked a mediam th7 and got 84% and i almost shit my pants

  9. U dony sign tits ,u lick em

  10. Can I join your clan please?

  11. i want to come in your clan plzz open it

  12. …the legend of the last lavapup…

  13. "I sign tits too." lol cracked me up

  14. I think the best way to kill can castle troops are balloons cuz they do damage once they die

  15. Need an active clan? search us up! : #RCV8V29R

  16. I'm a town hall three; 2 wall breakers, 9 giants, 8 barbs, 12 archers, 1 goblin (for the lulz), and 2 max balloons in cc

  17. Lol tht 2 archers were genius

  18. what gappened to cam sucks at gaming?

  19. how you gone th 11 tell me the hack pleasw

  20. I remember my first war too. I was TH 5 and my mirror was TH 7. Although his base was a little Rushed, I got 3 Stars because my Clanmates sent me 3 Balloons (Max lvl)

  21. I don't get nervous on th8 I'm th 6

  22. He reads the terms and services??

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