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Clash of Clans | EPIC FAIL AGAINST RUSHED BASE | Rushed Get Crushed Clan War

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Funny Clan War in Clash of Clans against an entire rushed clan. I failed on the number 1 base… so much for a perfect war…

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GoBitches Attack Strategy!:

Barching in Champions League:

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  1. nice troll right there cam!

  2. why is that your YouTube name cam

  3. Men that clan is really full of rushers

  4. cam before i started seeing ur videos i also used the same srategy u did

  5. Do u wanna hear ur joke?Ur Joke

  6. When he showed us the second attack I thought it was his base till I saw the troops and the time I was like wtf lol

  7. Wanna hear a joke… My life

  8. Guyz i m th 10 half rushed…., walls plz i want a clan which donates max troops and dont hesitates to donate…… Reply me

  9. Cams a trolls ass for tricking us

  10. Surprise motherfucker!!! ????


  12. I have a clanmate named dodo

  13. cam the clan I'm in has a war streak of 56

  14. Never underestimate oponent


  16. This is a new channel. We do gameplays. please Subscribe ill subscribe back :)

  17. I've watch so much if your videos. But have not yet subscribed…… Until now!!!!! I love you!

  18. I found your clan without Twitter

  19. Please come to my YouTube I just started

  20. cam can I join you're clan I am a suscriber

  21. Do You Want To Hear 2 Jokes   1 My Channel 2 My Life

  22. I'm late let me think of a joke. Cam's clash skills

  23. wanna hear a joke I just unsubbed

  24. if i attack on coc with archers and abrbarians i call them arbs

  25. hey could you open the clan?

  26. Clickbaiting faggot, i knwo this was like a year ago btw

  27. lol u don't chat on your channel, do u?

  28. you actually fucking trolled me,cam

  29. you look innocent and cute but you got low profile of your speech. (frankly) never mind. nice vids

  30. most of the players in my clan are rushed i am a little rushed only walls rushed

  31. o my gosh im in the vid. lol

  32. hahaha i got that too to revenge someone an their village got raided before i even attack

  33. cam u use barch to reach titan league

  34. There is this town hall 11 with only lvl 6 and 7 walls….lvl 7 cannons…lvl 5 archer towers…. his name is Hudson and he is part ofThe gaint clan
    Yes gaint not giant GAINT

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