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Clash of Clans – EASIEST Attack Strategy EVER?

Clash of Clans – EASIEST Attack Strategy EVER?
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Clash Of Clans Attacks brings you an attack strategy that makes it almost
impossible to lose!

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an exciting mobile game of strategic planning and
competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards,
Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the
ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back
the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan
reigns supreme over all others!



Check this out chief!

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  1. we had something like 20

  2. We have a 59-1-1 w-d-l ratio… Im in a clan called Beamers #pylyl2yp

  3. lol he has maxed heroes and troops but is happy with only a 2 star.

  4. Sclsu muddawgs has 54 win streak I believe

  5. my longest clan war winning streak is 5 my clan is u.n. coc
    or because I have two farmers fresh

  6. My clan is Called Back Yard Party We have a win streak of 16 right now

  7. 10 biggest win streak, Aenaon Pro

  8. my clan has went on a 13 war streak

  9. why is everyone calling this an "easy attack"? getting 2 stars on a th10 is not challenging. try getting 3 stars. the fact that chief pat and galadon are talking about making defense EVEN STRONGER/nerfing golems in this game is absurd…defense is already overpowered at th10 with inferno towers. stop the madness

  10. my clan has played 20 wars we won 18 and lost 2 the longest wins streak was 11 wins and where the first 11 wars we did as a clan. Clan name: Edgar Madness

  11. My clan's longest win streak is 15 wars, but what happens is we win a bunch of wars in a row, and then lose just 1. And then we continue winning

  12. 7 win streak with my current clan KISS army and 10 win streak with my old clan ClanScar2

  13. Our clan has won at least 21 in a row. That's as far back as we can look. Our war record is 125 wins, 1 tie, 8 losses. We are LostWarriors, my bases name is Stepp and the leader is Dee

  14. My clans longest win streak is 27 and still going you can come check my clan out #28YJLJPL clan name insert name ere

  15. longest winning streak 8 and still counting, Clan name : Pro Indians

  16. put peter in more of ur videos hes the reason i sub to u even though u r great too i should never disrespect lost phoneix or gallydon

  17. galadon come to my clan and check out my 3 star raid on a maxed th 10 and im th 9

  18. There is a german highlevel warclan with a 68 winstreak, still counting. Clanname: Landvogt
    Met one of the members in global chat.

  19. Public Service Announcement:
    no one gives a fuck about your clan or what your war record is

  20. Helper 2…that's the name of my second clan has won 10 wars in a row…

  21. lol, due to panick mode, drops freeze spell on the dark elixir storage @3:29!!!

  22. Galadon my clan -Thane , has a win streak of 8 war wins

  23. My clan win streak is 6 in a row its name is arin condes

  24. hey galadon our clan Is Midget Moon and are record is 20-2 and we face hard clan and we try are hardest to be most active and precise attacks in are clan war to fully maximize the war win

  25. 48 win continously.. clan GUJARAT

  26. my clans only had two bouts of 5 wins in a row.

  27. if you are looking for a clan come join us @ <•vapor black•>

  28. Gal odeon Jan I join your clan I am a master 3


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