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Clash of Clans | DRAGON MASSACRE | 55 Dragons Killed by TH 8 Anti Dragon War Base

Clash of Clans | DRAGON MASSACRE | 55 Dragons Killed by TH 8 Anti Dragon War Base
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Clash of Clans Dragon Massacre. 55 Dragons Killed by my new TH 8 Anti Dragon War Base.

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Golem Massacre:

Closest 49% Ever?:

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Music used:
The Land Of The Wizard – Machinimasound
Link to the website – https://machinimasound.com

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  1. clash of clans : Win lose And poop ? oops didn't mansion that ????

  2. I'm at TH7 when i first watched this vid and now im on 8 (not rushed) .. now i feel like this wont do anymore.. coz we got a new spells.. and all… kinda turns me down.. hey cam, can you make a new anti drag and gowipe layout for th8? or maybe a new guide about building up our bases iv'e been tryn to create my own layout following your guides about how the drag atk works and how the spacing works and all.. i actually watched all of your guides..which helped me on my TH7 days.. i just feel like i'm left behind.. i know you're pretty busy doing new atk strategies and other stuffs.. but.. don't you think its time to make a new one? a new guide for everything that is new and how to deal with them?

    btw: i actually applied that TH8.5 thing on my TH8 and i called it TH7.5 do you think that's the problem?

  3. this base really works as an anti-dragon, im currently in a clan war and i just got attacked overnight by 11 lvl 3 dragons (including one on cc) and dat guy only got 38%

  4. on the left side, why is the barbarian king placed where the mortar is supposed to be on the right side?

  5. Your tesla's should be in the line gap between the Dark storage and the normal storage's.

  6. ur base worked very well killing the dragons..even my def still nub the enemy team already tried 4 times yet they still got 1 star 😀

  7. How do you 3 this base im Waring against someone with this base

  8. Why do you put your teslas in the corners of the base?

  9. do you run a clan named doacamcam ?? coz i found one and it had 2 troll th9 id's..

  10. When he was making the base the air sweeper was level 4. While he was watching the attack the air sweeper was level 3 ?!

  11. I tried to build this base bt my walls always fall short? cud u tell me wat cud be the prblm.

  12. +ryokaky yeah and he could of gotten a lava hound or a max dragon to help out with some damage

  13. Oh somebodys using this in my enemy clan

    Glad i know my choice of GoHo is gonna be spot on.

  14. I might be stealing that base now…. Lol

  15. Cam can I join your clan I have been searching for like a year and finally I got a hold of u so can me and my brother join check our mighty midgets2 I am alexiscool123 and my brothers name is cjcool28

  16. Hey what is the name of that song during the sped up base making

  17. now with poison spells in your cc and stuff makes the base a lot weaker

  18. hay cam base base got 2 stared by LEVEL 5(maxed) hogs

  19. am I the only one who uses a small amount of hogs combined with some dragons as a common war strategy?

  20. what should i put in my cc for this to work?

  21. ONE HUNDRED % Gems trades which I received. May aid others right here! plus.google.com/112793805960125128049/posts/1fTiKeQx8bB

  22. lol your base will be wrecked by goho..everyone can guess where the double giant bomb is at..

  23. Ill SUBSCRIBE if u let me join ur clan

  24. CQOTD: What are you going to do when BarbarianParty reaches lvl10?

  25. Nice sound track.. What is it?

  26. where to place dark spell factory ?

  27. Does cash for apps actually work

  28. cam why did you put the last 2 walls on the bottom witch won't do anything and there's a hole that a giant can ho on and lure and l understand but no spring traps there so what

  29. gonna use this base, but going to try make it wider to put in giantbombs

  30. I've 3 stared this base with go wipe…

  31. guys I want this music please what is tge name of it

  32. guys please i want to know what is the name of this song I love it please tell me the name

  33. guys please i want to know what is the name of this song I love it please tell me the name

  34. guys answer me please i want this music name please

  35. I used this base and here is my review
    Against drag attacks pretty good
    Against gowipe attacks pretty good
    Against hog and goho attacks sucks pls don't use this base if you're enemy is not dumb enough to do a drag raid

  36. your videos r very nice?

  37. Use 4 lightining spells and 2 quake spells on two air defences…game over!

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