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Clash of Clans | CLASH TOURNAMENT IS ON! | 50 VS 50 16 Clan Tournament

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The Clash of Clans tournament is on! Will my clan match with brando’s clan? Lets hope so!

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  2. Cam I tried to join BNPM CAM but clan closed please can you open it so I can join in the 16 clan tournerment

  3. can I join ur clan plz. im TH 6

  4. Most people r sayin they buffed qw lol

  5. Queen walks were not needed but XBOWS were buffed

  6. plz let me join BNPM CAM. I have more than enough trophy's just open clan for one day. if I do join I won't let you down 🙂

  7. Roses are red violet are blue I have 5 fingers in the middle one is for u

  8. dude how did you get that gem

  9. The clan I am all we all mod

  10. rip headphone users at the beginning

  11. can i join your clan iam a big fan of your

  12. can sucks at spell placement.

  13. Its because you suck at attacking they weren't nerfed

  14. I saw a wall breaker in a enemy clan castle

  15. clash with cam give me your town hall 9 id plzzz

  16. cam im really gonna unsubcribe u if u dont open u r barbarian party lvl 10 clan in clash of clans i requesting u for last 2 months

  17. im maxed th 8 username rishab 03

  18. Roses Are Red Bullets Are Black Dude Look At That Nigga He Selling Crack XD

  19. cam I want to join Barbadians party plz open the clan

  20. cam I want to join Barbadians party plz open the clan

  21. Someone explain to me what is going on with the clan war matching thing

  22. How do we enter the clan tournament? Do we apply or they reach out to us?

  23. hey i am in th8 semi max i want to a 50 vs 50 war so can i join u

  24. wow lol nice joke nice vid cam

  25. Roses are red
    Voilets are blue
    Cam is 42
    Better than me and you

  26. Cam your so cool and your good at attacking sometimes

  27. 8:05 funniest part in the vid , couldnt control laughing

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