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Clash of Clans – Clan Wars: War Loot & Aftermath

Clash of Clans – Clan Wars: War Loot & Aftermath
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Here’s the 4th part of my clan wars series, talking about War Loot and the aftermath of war!
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  1. how do u have 300 of each loot tf

  2. How does he have so much troops

  3. How do you get so much troops

  4. can someone help! i won 2 wars with 3 stars but i didn't get any loot bonus in my clan castle , what should i do??

  5. Will you still get your loot if you get out of the clan during war?? Someone answer plz!

  6. How do I get lots of gold and elixir

  7. How much % do u less do u get IF u lose plz someone answer

  8. How to get the bonus war ????

  9. PlayClashOfClans can u make a video on clan perks which i don't understand ?

  10. Why didn't i receive war win bonus in the clan castle after the war ended. I just received war loot bonus. Please help!

  11. what if my storage and my clan castle storage are full,what happen if i win agian to the next clan war?what will happen to the bonus that will be rewarded to me after the next clanwar?

  12. What happens if the war win bonus i receive is a bigger amount than my clan castle can hold?

  13. Don't you dare look

    You looked now you have to like this comment

  14. What will happen to your war bonus if u get kicked from the clan during battle day

  15. Today I won 2 wars and I didn't get anything .why? Where I will get the money and elixir.?

  16. How to take war loot from castle

  17. yth can't we keep everything we get even if we lose?! it is completely illogical.

  18. if i attack a village in war that alreaady 3starred by my clanmates can i get the same war win bonus??tnx

  19. i left a clan with 50000 plus war loot and left it And i Joined another and it will almost End Will i still get the war loot?

  20. I want a good clan!!! pls reply in comment

  21. how did you hacked the game say please

  22. What if your treasury is full? And you get bonus loot from your war.what will happen to the loot that is delivered to the treasury?

  23. what if treasury is overloaded

  24. If I win war and I left that clan,still I get the loot?

  25. How I can make my clan a LWF war clan ???

  26. We won last war because this guy joined after we started the war and he really wanted to take part in the war so we sent him off to join the clan we were in war with and he screenshot all the traps and spied on the cc troops, we were so prepared that we knew exactly where to place our troops according to the traps and what troops to bring to kill the cc, sadly he left after that war because a clanmate donated him wall break as a joke but he got mad

  27. Lost war pe kitna milta hai , bonus ka part ?

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