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Clash of Clans | BIGGEST WAR WIN BONUS EVER | TH 11 War CoC

Clash of Clans | BIGGEST WAR WIN BONUS EVER | TH 11 War CoC
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Clash of Clans Biggest war win bonus ever! TH 11 Clan War loot is amazing!

Thanks Smogg for the intro! Here is his channel:

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So much loot TH 11 Farming:

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Check this out chief!

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  1. How do you record screen

  2. cam what video do u use to record clash of clans??????

  3. Cam keep up with the videos there dope

  4. guys go subscribe to me 🙂 I'm gonna start my own YouTube channel

  5. cam i would really appreciate if you would just set your clan to invite only cause i want to join in your clan just to talk to you about something.! i've bookmarked your clan and hope to be in your clan soon, so it's upto you now.! and just to inform u that ihave 5 accounts 2 Th9 almost max and 3 th8 max.

    Hey Everyone!
    I have started a new clan by the name X-Attackers
    It aims to be a Strong WAR CLAN.
    Please do join and help the clan grow.
    We need loyal members who would help us throughout the journey of the clan's progress.
    I'm recruiting maxed TH7 bases and above. [No rushed bases]
    Join Me and Make it Us ..
    Clan Tag – #LJCRO2CC

  7. When can u open your clan cam?

  8. can you do a war with my clan. the clan is called @boxers@

  9. clash of clan with cam can u except my request if I can join u my name is shield king

  10. CQOTD what u rather do kiss a girls cruch or suck your dads dick

  11. cam can u plz war match with chief pat?

  12. ?Goal Is 100 Subs?
    ?Please Check Me Out?
    ?Upload Clash And Other Stuff?
    ?Like My Videos?
    ?Leave A Comment?
    ?Subscribe For More?

  13. amazing videos man,good job!!

  14. New War Clan: (Looking for Strong members for War)
    Clan Name: MoneyCrew
    Clan Tag: #LG80R9RV
    War Frequency: Always
    Minimum Trophies: 1600
    Elder is earned with war performance and donations!

  15. So fun to see your video

  16. Hey Cam I was on clash of clans today and you have a great clan! I was just asking will you ever put your clan to invite only so some of your subscribers can join?

  17. Cam,Why Don't You Use Your Th8 Account?

  18. ONE HUNDRED % Gems trades which I received. May aid others right here! plus.google.com/112793805960125128049/posts/1fTiKeQx8bB

  19. Hahaha I love that thin at the start of the video

  20. CQOTD:can I join barbarian party I'm a th8 named MEGA

  21. cam pls open u r clan ineed to join I'm th 8 and I have 1400 trophics so pls allow u r fan to join u r clan

  22. hey cam plz joi n my clan with mustangbro account clan tag is #QYVG9928

  23. oha amk türkler buradamısınız :D

  24. any body have a good clan that uses their attacks in war and donates lots??

  25. watch all your Vids 1,000,000#camsucks

  26. hi give me gem pls your my idol

  27. I'm townhall 7 and the highest I've ever got is 444000 gold 440000elixir and 1036dark elixir only townhall 7

  28. CQOTD: Can you do a montage

  29. Cam you made it to 1,000,000 subs

  30. Pause the video at 4:14 and look at the cannon closest to the eagle atilary. isn't that yellow bee comb like image cool?

  31. CQOTD: Is this a CQOTD?

  32. hey cam why u love archer queen and u upgraded her to level 40 but barbrian king and grand warden on level 20 25 why

  33. If your happy and you know it, clash of clans

  34. I have had bigger :)

  35. CQOTD: how to set up a clan tournament

  36. I play Coc with th8 ..go to my clan cariño clan

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