Home » Video's » Clash of Clans | BEST CLAN WAR ATTACK STRATEGIES | Mass Dragons, GoWipe, Hog Riders, and Balloons

Clash of Clans | BEST CLAN WAR ATTACK STRATEGIES | Mass Dragons, GoWipe, Hog Riders, and Balloons

Clash of Clans | BEST CLAN WAR ATTACK STRATEGIES | Mass Dragons, GoWipe, Hog Riders, and Balloons
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Clash of Clans. How to Mass Dragons, Gowipe, Hog Riders, Lava Hounds, Balloons, Minions. Town Hall 7 8 and 9.

Funny Builder Hut Glitch:

Walking Dead Attack:

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  1. My base was in this video

  2. Okay so today is preparation day for my clan. The enemys clan base no. 2 joined our clan for about 6 minutes before leaving and rejoining his clan. 1. Will he be able to participate for them?
    2. Was this a strategy or stupidity?
    Sorry havent done many clan wars.

  3. Omg once I destroyed every defence in a base but then I lost because none of the other things got destroyed (I'm a TH6) like the Collectors…

  4. the GoWipe strategy is gonna go wipe the enemy's base

  5. Hey camoro bro i have to join your clan please take me in

  6. Hi love ur war ones plz do more thx

  7. cam can i join ur clan Barbarianparty PLEASE i have tweeted but u dont responce !!!!!!!!! my name is hot ICE *@* main and mini is lil' hot ICE PLEASE SAY YES

  8. that into was so funny but the attacker is kinda poor bitch

  9. th7 max all defense,All storages…50 lvl 6 walls ..the rest are lvl7

  10. Can you make a video how to use cashforapps

  11. how can u chose who u attack

  12. plzz plzz plzz make it t.h8 i wish that please more t.h8 estrategies

  13. Ae cho minh hoi sao acc cua minh vao la bi vang ra hoai vao ko dc nua,co ai biet chi gium minh voi

  14. 0.48 then a poison spell comes

  15. namg babi coc ini kerana haram

  16. cam sucks I need gems in coc can you give me plz

  17. What if you don't have drags @ th 7?

  18. Th8 where gowipe and hogs

  19. Oh sorry that was before gowipe

  20. if you guys would like a clan war analysis/calculator there's one up on my channel!

  21. watch videos on my channel

  22. Hard effort earned when attempt to get some 𝔾ems from here
    +> https://disq.us/t/2gr3p56
    It was respectable deals so far that I understand

  23. why are you even showing th 8-9 attacks lol nobody gives a shit

  24. hi I'm from the future when cam has 1.5m subs

  25. i got this from my friend, but here it is (i've 2-starred a th10 with this)
    12 archers
    2 wizards
    9 dragons
    barbarian king
    3 lightning spells

  26. Join my Clan named INDIAN CLASHERS my player name is- Broly Inc.

  27. Join gangstar boyzz leader is kenrock we expect a player like a good donater and a war attacker

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