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Clash of Clans | BEAT A LEVEL 10 CLAN | 3 Stars Win Wars

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Clash of Clans we beat a level 10 clan. 3 Stars win wars. Well.. if only i could 3 star 🙁

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  1. Hey,cam can I join your clan

  2. Come too my clan hack me my gamer tag on clash is Krishna join fire legionz

  3. NO SEWERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Can you join my clan my clan name is sculdog

  5. Little did he know 3 weeks later CoC would be done

  6. hi camaro i want to join your clan but i cant because clan is full. i have th 7

  7. CQOTD- why dont you stream on Kamcord ?? It could really help your channel.

  8. Hey guys, My clan is recruiting new townhall 8 and 9 players for ClanWars. (capable of 3-star!!) if you think you are good enough, send a request 🙂 (Clan name is: WarFightersss, level 8, Location:Netherlands, code: #9CQUVUR9)

  9. How can you record clash of clans!??? Plz answer me

  10. I want to record clash of clans

  11. I wanna join ur clan i'm I crystal 2 and th8 so should I ??

  12. cam give ur account to me if you stopped playing coc

  13. CAM,,,IM TRYIN TO JOIN UR CLAN FROM 4 months,,,,it's always closed,,,,plz can I hop in BNP?

  14. pleas let me in your cksn pleas im th 7 max pleas lete in im a beg fan

  15. Can you do hog rider attack and get 99% 1 star

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