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Clash of Clans – Base Reviews and Attacks – Town Hall 9 Part 1 of 2!

Clash of Clans – Base Reviews and Attacks – Town Hall 9 Part 1 of 2!
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Clash of Clans Attacks, http://www.clashguide.com and Galadon present the first installment in the Town Hall 9 strategy series! Today, we discuss farming, farming bases, farming armies, and just SOME of the many new and exciting additions that become available at Town Hall 9.

Thank you for checking out Clash of Clans Attacks- your complete source for all things Clash of Clans! Replays, game play, and tutorials galore to help improve your gaming experience and make you a better Clasher! Everything Clash of Clans related is here- today focusing on Town Hall 9 base layout and farming strategies to add to the earlier strategies discussed in my Town Hall 6-8 videos.

Check out base layouts and analysis, troop compositions, attack strategies, including dealing with traps, bombs, mines, Teslas, the Barbarian King and Archer Queen, and any possible troop in the Clan Castle! Also, learn to attack effectively with everything from the Archer and Barbarian to PEKKA , Balloon, Wizard, Witch, Wall Breaker, Minion, Hog Rider, Healer, Valkyrie (yes even her), Dragon and Goblin! Attack strategies include: GoWiWi, GoWiPe, Barch, BAM, Balloonion, and every combination you can imagine- or suggest!

Special thanks to all of you who have subscribed, and are helping to make this one of the fastest growing Clash of Clans YouTube channels! I read ALL of the comments, and am always open to suggestions to help me make the channel better, and ideas for future episodes- and iTunes and Google Play giveaways are ALWAYS happening! Thanks again for watching, and subscribing!

All music licensed through Sean Spruiells Entertainment, licensing documentation on file with YouTube.


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  1. Hey Galadon, thanks for making videos they really help! Definitely, going to use these tips :)) cant wait for the update c: ok well buhbai 😀 +Clash of Clans Attacks 

  2. hey Galadon, can you make me a th 6 trap base 🙂

  3. Can you please do a town hall 7 one?

  4. can you review my base ? Clan : purple pillz 
    In game name : Ikariam

  5. i think ill get a reply to i am new th-9 with lv5 troops where should i farm? i tried gold 1-2 crystal i dont get any loot only 100-120k

  6. Very helpful! About to be TH9 tomorrow! 

  7. You admin on the coc facebook page?

  8. Hey Gala, ty for the th9 video. I love your channel, very helpful and much fun to watch 😀
    I have an anti hog/dragon th9… if interested please check it out 🙂
    My clan is:  ü18 Sanatorium
    My COC name is: kat
    Please keep on making videos… :))

  9. Galadon check out my base my clan is "Sekzee Sausages" led by yours truly and my username is peepeeface i made it myself and feel as if it is pretty effective.

  10. You have 8.000.000 Gold but the elixier but the are filled.

  11. any th9 base without x-bow and queen ?
    -farming base 😀

  12. does the first base defend well against hog riders?

  13. Can u tell what's the name of the music? 😀

  14. pls visit Masakaw Lover's Clan and make a review pls pls pls

  15. did anyone realise that the first guy had mega gold but it looked like he had none in his storeges. but his elixer storeges are like maxed out but it says he has like 600000. did anyone realise that or is just me?

  16. Would you Do something Like That But With the 4th Mortar Added ?

  17. This video needs an update, was looking for a good layout! Now that we got 4 motors! 😀

  18. lol galadon i actually forgot to subscribe to u! ill do it rite now cause ur a great youtuber!

  19. thx for the great tips 🙂
    but i recognized that the first village by Black Propz you showed us has only 3 mortars… or am i just not able to find the 4. one?

  20. omg one day I atacked you and wone because I destroid your town hall

  21. pls tell me about th9 war bases

  22. Just turned Town hall 9 so coming back to this video to learn all about it again

  23. "your gowipe is growing"


  24. Galadon ur attacks r amazing but i need to learn more from u and so plz allow me to join ur clan just for 1-2 days ill learn more from u. u r a good role model for ur so plz reply me if u allow me to join and learn more from u…….excellent job galadon

  25. theres a glitch the gold is empty but it says he has 7mil and the elixor is full and is tays he has 600k

  26. Really great videos of Clash of Clans. Very entertaining and helpful. Love your videos. I am town hall 9 now with the help of your videos. Thank you

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