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Clash of Clans | BARBARIAN LIVE | Live Clan War Attacks CoC

Clash of Clans | BARBARIAN LIVE | Live Clan War Attacks CoC
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Clash of Clans barbarian live, live attacks in Clash of Clans clan wars!

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  1. What ya talking about? How Machonne had sex w/ rick or how Sam (little kid blonde dochebag) and his mom Jesse died and how Carl got shot in the face and the guy with the W on his forehead got shot and tackled a zombie to save the chubby gurl?

  2. hey bro can you join our clan?

  3. Will you let me join your clan cam

  4. i have a clan war today

  5. Whats your recording program for Clash of clans?

  6. camerbro ur clan was a fantastic?

  7. Oh dear,,,oh dear!!! That was so so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. camarobro can i join in your clan i want to know your clan location plsss tell me im active in any war tell me i never tell on my friends

  9. Should make a walking dead channel cam!!! Lol My favorite show as well!!

  10. cam how long it took u to max out your th7 and what is your stratigy

  11. hey cam can I join you clan im town hall 6 and im not that rushed im working on upgrading my stuff

  12. Can i get a like for no Reason

  13. can i join barbarian party im th 9 and little bit rushed but ill always take 6 stars in war and be loyal

  14. You ar best youtuber i cant join your clan Can you Message Link in me channel plz

  15. You really should take minions as clean, much faster and don't get stuck on walls

  16. CQOTD: Can I join your feeder im th6

  17. "I hoe this doesn't screw me over at the end of the attack" haha, yes it did cam

  18. CAM DO ANOTHER TOURNAMENT!!! THE FIRST ONE WAS AWESOME!!! But do try to recruit people with better heroes tho! Lol?

  19. In the walking dead someone named that yo momma kills all the zombies.

  20. can I join your clan cam


  22. What is your feeder clan??

  23. Go watch Breaking Bad cam, I believe you'll change your mind about the best TV show

  24. can I join the clan love your chanel

  25. Can u make a few clash royale videos cam?

  26. could I join barb parody?

  27. Cam can I join your clan please

  28. make your clan open pleasee ??

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