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Clash of Clans ‘BANNED’ – the FULL Story with NEW Information!

Clash of Clans ‘BANNED’ – the FULL Story with NEW Information!
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Clash of Clans ‘BANNED’ – the FULL Story with NEW Information!

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Clash of Clans will no longer be available in Vietnam, find out the full story with NEW information on why Vietnamese players will no longer be playing Clash of Clans in their country!




Vietnam bans online gaming after 10pm

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  1. Abi bana altın bilet hediye atarmsiin

  2. I started clash when i was 7

  3. This is sucked.
    I had been seen i was 11
    Now i'm 15 , and still town hall 9

  4. You know I haven't played clash of clans I'm probably about 5 or 6 months now and I feel sorry for the people in Vietnam but I want guys when I played this game I was on it constantly and spending a lot of money just play the game. But it's good to know does supercell is looking out for their players as well I mean they make money if you're playing the game . I am glad that supercell has decided to pull out of Vietnam because of their government cracking down on people under 18 playing the video games on there phones. But oh my gosh that is so wrong I know that they should set a limit on this but it should be up to individual did you do that. You know I wish him luck I don't know any Vietnamese people better sounds like hell where they're from. Even if I don't play clash of clans anymore I do play other game so and I am on it constantly. Take care of everyone

  5. Galdon can I plzz join in your clan

  6. So if we’re under the age of 13 we can’t play supercell games, guest that means a lot of players gone 😂

  7. So why does it say 9+ in the App Store for coc?

  8. Can I please join your clan th12 not max but soon it'll be

  9. False, Supercell is known to ban you without further investigation. You can contact any of the developers and ask for help. Just because you're banned permanently without a valid reason doesn't mean it's over

  10. Is peter 17$ over 13, or can he play with parental guidance?

  11. Yeah, this sucks, im from Vietnam 😢 1 like = 1 prayer

  12. I would use xmodgames and never got ban

  13. Didn’t know gaming was such an hostile topic in Vietnam

  14. I been playin clash royale, brawl stars and clash of clans for 2 years but i never had problems with it. I am only 12 and all my friends connect with each other with these super cell games why is this a rule

  15. Not to Mention the double standard in this game

  16. Clash of clans also banned top clan also every month without any reason they do hard work to come on top of the world example Pakistan clan

  17. for me vietnam law is not good… why banned a game? for what reason? stpd… i feel sorry to our coplayer vietnamese.. hope soon it will get fix.. all is good.. dont lose hope..

  18. Awwww… and my family is in Vietnam.

  19. Yea our government really suck xd

  20. A very similar law exist in South Korea. What do they do in that region?

  21. U forgot to also suggest, “Don’t move to Vietnam” ….😢…sorry for players there😢!

  22. He said to take away the devices off little kids if they play Clash Of Clans. No Reads Or Follows The Terms Of Service . I’ve been playing cod since I was almost 4 and it says “18+”.

  23. lmao everyone i know has been playing or has played Clash before they were 13

  24. I trom viet nam . I love coc

  25. darn, communist government overreaching again, if only communism was stopped. It's a shame that communism is affecting gamers to

  26. Wtf and i thought the eu dictates me

  27. Can’t they just use a vpn thing to get around this issue ? Or set up their iTunes some how with a different country kinda like how people downloaded brawl stars before it was released in their country

  28. super cell ban who dont buy gems for his business.,dirty asshole.,

  29. Maybe another war in Vietnam is needed… NOT… SORRY BROS

  30. Sounds like a very smart ban. Don’t give in to these big Money companies (Supercell). Continue doing what is right for your young and old citizens Vietnam.

  31. Ok and what if you just put that you are over 18 ?

  32. It’s not ok to play o l games but it is ok for minors to work in brothels ! Wait what? Don’t play your game but go play in the streets…. hum it’s strange but if it keeps data out Of whoever’s hands but please go do videos . Are you all not using VPN’s? . I am thinking the grove wants the bandwidth for a more Nefarious things.

  33. Bad parenting for me…my kids cant play….lucky me i got some new accounts…clash on.

  34. Lol Coppa is bullshit. I started playing clash when I was 9 or 10 years old. I guarantee that over 25% of the playerbase is under 13

  35. Oh, and I forgot to mention in the video…. VPNs are illegal in Vietnam as well.

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