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Clash of Clans | ATTACKED BY BOWLERS | New Bowler Troop CoC

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Clash of Clans new troop, Bowler attack and defense. Valkyries OP CoC

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  1. I lost my tooth while watching this

  2. XMODGAMES Still works if you download and excretion

  3. Can what do you use to record

  4. I mean Cam what do you use for recording

  5. Anyone have any good for me to record my phone

  6. How to make 2 accounts in ios???

  7. yeah valks got a "little" buff

  8. Yo bro can I join your clan it's closed I'm th8 and gold with golems

  9. And if any of u thinking about private servers never do it it hacked my phone 🙁 had to start clash all over again

  10. camero bro plz can i join ur clan i have found ur clan

  11. can u make it invite only 1700 trophies

  12. may i join your clan?????????????????????

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