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Clash of Clans Attack: THREE Stars Win Wars GoLaLoon! ♦ CoC ♦

Clash of Clans Attack: THREE Stars Win Wars GoLaLoon! ♦ CoC ♦
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Clash of Clans Attacks brings you more three star attack strategies in Clash of Clans – GoLaLoon!

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  1. One Golem killsquad: Cold Blod
    Two Golem killsquad: Shattered
    three Golem killsquad: Stoned

    Keep it in mind gally :D

  2. Galadon please reply on my comment i cant switch account i dont know why.

  3. hey galadon i hear coc will closed in 29 feb any news about that

  4. Vendetta in cw Clashed Ur Base ahahahahah lol))))

  5. Check out my YouTube channel please subscribe and like

  6. You should do 99% 1 stars

  7. whenever he said jhon I expected to say john cena. Don't ask

  8. ★★★★(FWA) Farm England Recruitment Thread (#2ULYR222)★★★★

  9. Put it back to the old music like so he will see

  10. Am not able to sign in my account now it was connected but i disconnected and then i connected it again and i am not able to connect it now

  11. hi galadon your my biggesr fan you inspired me to play this game and i whach every video you put in

  12. I am officially done playing this damn game! I have max level troops and use the attack strategies I have learned on this channel. I am a TH 11 and cant even get 1 star on TH 10's after numerous tries. This game used to be fun when you could actually win. Now its just annoying and frustrating. I AM DONE!

  13. Sorry Galadon, but this time i should say it. Those attacks are not impressing. I can even say that Those attacks are bad. Reason? Come on.. Those th 9 bases are shit. Like real Shit. If it was anti 3 star it is a different story. But like attacking these bases are so boring, watching it is even worse. Just for note Galadon, i really like your videos and i learn new attacks from your vids. For ex 3 starring anti 3 TH 9 bases with valks and drags. But i just scrolled this vid. hoping to see some kind of more challenging bases. But Nah..
    Just telling, please do not share with us these kind of replays. For most of Warring players this is not interesting..

  14. Galadon! Earlier today I was farming with DoubleLavaLoonion and I had one of my lava hounds explode and destroy the TH! The air sweeper pushed it 5 tiles over the TH (which was weak from balloon splash damage) I"ve seen golums do it but never lava hound!

  15. I've been doing golaloon for a while now, if you attack the right base it's a very reliable strategy.

  16. Love this strat, use it a lot. Usually use :
    2 golem, 3 hound, 16 loon, 5 wiz. Wiz for funnel and cleanup. One jump 2 poison 2 haste 1 rage and a heal for central tesla and wiz towers, or rage for central xbows

  17. Heyy Galadon please reply to my comment! I love yoh and you arr my favorite youtuber!♥️ You inspire me and you make me keep playing clash, i whatch every video you post!

  18. nothing new show something new for fucks sake!

  19. most of the time I use a golaloon attack or something similar, my lava hounds never explode and it costs me dearly. there's no clean up hounds and is so annoying. Sometimes the pro attack on youtube don't always go as planned lol

  20. KLAN maconje W:88, L:8
    za sve lokalce koji zele ratovat i napredovat u dobrom društvu :)

  21. practiced this strategy so long and now its a safe 3* strategy for me (th9)

  22. hey your the best coc youtuber ever

  23. How about some valks, with other troops mixed in of course, at th8?

  24. Thanks:), Love your videos by the way

  25. am I the only one that notice the level ten walls and level nine wall when that is a town hall nine.

  26. How 'bout "Galydon vs PETER" who can get max damage on a maxed base (At the sane townhall as the attacker) maybe a GoValk, LavaLoon or Noahs Ark?

  27. Pretty standard 3 star attacks vs. pretty standard bases:D

  28. tnx a lot… i was learning go-la-loon…. now watching this video… i understand how to atk… tnx again

  29. XCountry means Cross Country. As in running.

  30. I need these videos th9 and struggling to get the third star

  31. thanks, imwas in masters 3 now masters 1

  32. Yassa Galadon!!! keep that intro and POST MORE TH9's Attack !!! you get less dislikes when you do ……. But I always like your video no matter what it is :)

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