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Clash of Clans Attack Strategy | Max Raids!

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy | Max Raids!
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Clash of Clans Attacks is proud to bring you daily Clash of Clans Strategy! Using max troops in Clash Of Clans, four different attacks using different raiding styles are showcased today, each with a unique strategy!

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For Clash of Clans updates, tutorials and strategy guides with live replays from all Town Hall levels- you’ve come to the right place- ‘Clash ofClans Attacks’! Tips, tricks and best practices for success in CoC! Offense, defense (defence), speed builds, base design, village layout and SO much more!

Today’s episode covers four max level raids in Clash of Clans:
1. The new 4 Lava Hound attack (Quatrolavaloonion) utilizing Lava Hounds, Balloons and Minions- many have called the Gowipe of the sky, and the Golems are replaced with Lava Hounds, the PEKKA supplanted by Balloons, and the Wizards, Minions! This attack strategy is so overpowered that the Barbarian King and Archer Queen are often not needed in order to achieve a two star victory in both Clan Wars and trophy pushing.
2. Traditional Gowipe, with a twist! A fourth Golem is added to the mix in this attack – a Town Hall 9 Golem no less – but the rest of the attack remains the same, with maxed out PEKKA and Wizards. The Witches in the Clan Castle are replaced by the fourth Golem.
3. Noah’s Ark! Two of (almost) every troop! Even the Valkyries, Healers, HogRiders and Giants can come in helpful here! Watch this crazy attack! No troop left behind! Even every spell is here! One of each: Heal spell, Rage Spell, Jump spell, Freeze spell, and Lightning Spell!
4. SuperDragoon! The Supercell-inspired air attack using Dragons, strategically placed Balloons, and normally a few Archers and Barbarians, although Galadon forgets to bring them this time… Galafail… Rage spells and Freeze spells, of course!

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Check this out chief!

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  1. BARCH is love BARCH is lyfe

  2. what is better gowipe or qualtril lavaaoud

  3. Were you ever number 1? And if not, have you been ever been top 200… Keep up the good work and I'll keep sending my clan mates to you

  4. Galadont check our clan Builders land we won 64 wars I am antonis patsiant

  5. can i join any of your clan I'm townhall 6 but will go up to townhall 7 soon

  6. Peter is so funny "text graphics fail" and "Gallydon" lol

  7. Nice Attacks Galadon. Keep on clashing. If you wouldnt mine take a little look at my amazing clan " G's War". Im called Sir James Codd. Any tips of improvements ??

  8. Join my new clan TeslaTorcher join here

  9. How would I do the quatro lavaloonion attack strategy if I have level 1 hounds ,max loons & level 5 minions ? I'm only a th 9 & have 220 space .

  10. Q: Are you going to do anything for 300k, if so, you should do a Q and A in my opinion. People have lots of questions Xd

  11. Join Evolution #8VVLLC2 1500+ trophies TH7 or above and must be active. We war twice a week!

  12. gallydon, i have a th7 49xp, which means im so close to winning the game ,lol, don't tell peter

  13. hey look if you go to download coc the second pic has th 7 and that has a x bow that dosnt make sence

  14. Hey Gallydon, is it possible to use lavaloonion in th9?

  15. y was there numbers around 8:29

  16. Great stuff as always Gal! I'm recommending Quatro Lavaloonian to my t.h. 9 members for war.

  17. My clan is Monkey Cupcakes and we have 61 wins. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving bud. We are taking a few days off to celebrate the holiday even though we are a global clan.🌍🌏🌎We will do Quatro Lavaloonian next war based on your excellent, informative vids!

  18. i found the code whatvdo i do

  19. Woo I love your work man! ★★★★★→:-D

  20. +Clash of Clans Attacks  Gala, can you do all pekka war raid? Like Th8 maxed pekkas on a base with lvl 7 or 8 walls. wanna see how it goes. Thanks!

  21. Hey galadon, how about doing some attacks with troops that are not maxed? Or just showing? I'm often struggling getting 2 stars against th10ers with golem4 pekka3 wizards6 freeze3 heroes 20

  22. Peter17$ sounds so damn irritating!

  23. and whats ur favorite strategy

  24. Been trying quad hounds..failing 🙁

  25. galadon i will make every attack a full attack fun video with awesome stradegys

  26. Galadon i will be revenging you! Tdaddy……p.s. love your vids

  27. Do a droonian with 3 drags and 20 ballons and the rest minons

  28. This is getting nerfed next update

  29. Can y do one without having to have clan castle troops

  30. I got accepted into LP5 Griffin and I can't wait to move into LP4 one I finish my 50 walls to level 8 and upgrade my TH to level 9!

  31. pleasee review my clan 'general of rome' please ;]

  32. Your my friend too Galadon!

  33. Anyone want to join our clan? Its req and leave first come get to stay and donate. Game centre:fx_Dub5t3p2

  34. Awesome vids! Love your commentary

  35. how do i talk to galadon

  36. What clan are you in:-)

  37. If walls were worth percentage points then the Queen would always get at least 50%!

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