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Clash of Clans | ARCHER QUEEN FAILS IQ TEST | Epic Archer Queen AI Fail

Clash of Clans | ARCHER QUEEN FAILS IQ TEST | Epic Archer Queen AI Fail
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Clash of Clans Archer Queen AI needs work. Epic Archer Queen fail.. Worst Clash of Clans AI fail ever!

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Funny Builder Hut Glitch:

Clan War Domination:

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  1. That was a epic fail by the queen
    She's the best

  2. One time someone 99% me cause I had little bombs so there hoard of archers went poof they only had a gold stroage left but the timer beat them

  3. wtf man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I feel your pain, I've went from playing this game religiously to not playing it at all. I've tried to get back to it lately but this AI is a total turn off.

  5. When the golems were braking the wall and then desided to go the other way and the archer queen was the last building and the go to the wall and helped the golems athe then you lost

  6. watching this made me feel better about my damn dark elxir failed fucking attack! thanks cam

  7. what the hell happened here,this is total absurd AI. feelings for you man.


  9. i feel bad for you bro shit happens when u trust women :p

  10. Oh guys! Now it's Archer Queen Sucks at Gaming

  11. I read many great reviews on the net about how exactly Rotogenflux Methods (search on google) will help you your IQ score increased over 15 points. Has anyone tested out this popular intelligence boost program?

  12. ur troops went for those stupid skeleton traps.. lol….. really need an IQ test.. freaking awesome… Peace ✌ out

  13. They rlly need to fix the heroes AI

  14. Biggest Fail i have ever Seen…!!!???

  15. damn that gay as fuck damn

  16. he didn't even did the outro lol

  17. oh my god the queen is so dumb

  18. oh god dammit, that queen is fucking stupid, and the other troops too

  19. she was tryna save her fam bro ????

  20. Cam i got a strategy so that archer queen wont mess around again
    1.Get a Hammer
    2.Get your phone
    3.go into clash of clans and put the spotlight on archer queen
    4.Proceed to smash your phone with the hammer
    5.Return the phone and just say it fell
    i hope this helped you

  21. In my opinion it was all of his left over troops fault Bcs they should've never went (to what it seemed like) to help the golems break the wall instead of destroying that barrack

  22. always bring a poison spell ??

  23. Archer qween pissed me off too

  24. Old nostalgic collector noises. :)

  25. imo its more the golems fault, they lured the skeletons which lured all the troops, and all the troops (pekka and queen) were attacking the wall even after the skeletons died, definite bug with troop AI, probly fixed

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