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Clash of Clans | A BETTER TOMORROW | BarbariaNParty Scrimmage Clan War

Clash of Clans | A BETTER TOMORROW | BarbariaNParty Scrimmage Clan War
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Clash of Clans a better tomorrow! CoC BarbariaNParty Clan War Scrimmage Recap

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  1. Honestly Cam i enjoy basically all of ur content, i just find u amusing and entertaining and when u say u rage i find it funny because u sound so calm, i enjoy all of ur content and ignore what people say as long as u are enjoying urself, u can not always please everyone and thats fine that is just how life is, keep making videos that u enjoy and have fun making good bye cam and have a good day (:

  2. the reason I watch ur visa cause u r the clash of clans expert i learn from ur videos thank you for ur help??

  3. I subbed because u r cool and make gud vids……

  4. i suscriebed u because i love your video and whenever i m bored i feel like watching you.But cam listen to an advise that dont even care about the haters who hate you, just dont even cares about them and focus on your videos!! ☺☺

  5. I subbed to u because u r funny and i like coc! Great vids

  6. i miss the town 8 trophy push

  7. Because you do not SUCK AT ATTACKING!

  8. i subed to you cuase you are funny and i also play coc and clash rowal

  9. I subscribed cause I love your vids

  10. cam I subbed u because u are funny ??✌

  11. i subscribed because of your humour, btw can anyone subscribe to my channel? THANKS

  12. your funny and i like your personality

  13. You I subscribed to u for u ur funny u play clash and ur my favorite youtuber

  14. I subbed because I really love clash of clans and I wanna be a better attacker and you really funny and also I need advise to have a good clash of clans youtube channel like mine love you cam

  15. I subscribed because your coc strategy are ????.And the second reason is you intros are just????????????

  16. I subbed because I love this channel and all its content!! Thx Cam!!

  17. I sub to your channel is because you play my favourite game coc and you are funny

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