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Clash of Clans | 30 MINUTES LEFT AND LOSING! | Intense Clan War

Clash of Clans | 30 MINUTES LEFT AND LOSING! | Intense Clan War
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Clash of Clans 30 minutes left in the clan war and we are losing! NOT GOOD.. Arranged war with Past Used By

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  1. 10:01 Everyone and their mum uses it? hahahhaha Savage asf xddd

  2. The valk went up because of the wizard and that the queen went into royal cloak

  3. May i join your clan im th 11

  4. Whats the name of the song at the beginning plsssss?

  5. hi clash with cam can i join your clan plss

  6. Hey cam I have just subscribed to your Chanel and I play clash Royal and clash of clans and I know your clan in clash so can I join I'm called EPIC DISTROYER so please can I join

  7. u had 15 spectaters so fast th3n u said "hopefully the queen goes down " lol like wtf

  8. How'd you like that war against epic fu cam?

  9. 420 random people who like this will become millionairs

  10. What is the point of putting the TH outside of the actual base?

  11. I wish I could join your clan :(

  12. 1:08 " he's gonna activate the Clan Castle troops."

  13. what kind of screen recorder you use

  14. How much space are lava hounds

  15. How do I deal with Valkyries when they're in the Clan Castle? I'm a town hall 8.

  16. Subscribe my channel plzz

  17. At 6:25 who else was confused in the middle

  18. The cc Valk was chasing the Wizard. That's y she went North

  19. 9:16 How it feels to get a 3 star

  20. U win drunked cam why did u write losing in the vid tho?

  21. can i join barbarian party clan th9 gold league

  22. actually u got 250 thousand people watching

  23. you are my favorite youtuber of COC that is why i join your channel so i want you to post more coc videos

  24. U are my favourite YouTuber!

  25. Change ur name ur one of the best you tubers I know ????

  26. I'm in Past Used By not in the war though go cam

  27. "Good thing all those air defenses went down so now we can heal the healers. ???

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