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Clash Of Clans – 1 VS. 1 BASE TROLL (Challenge me)

Clash Of Clans – 1 VS. 1 BASE TROLL (Challenge me)
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Clash of clans troll Base design!!!
My king is looking to fight. i spelled it out for the attackers. Now lets see what happens.


CLASH OF CLANS T-SHIRTS http://shrsl.com/?~8iob

Clash of Clans is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm. Driving back the goblins is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your clan reigns supreme over all others!


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Check this out chief!

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  1. Im looking for Clan members. My clan is UnitedallianceX 40-9-4 19-0-1 Last 20 matches. Im looking for people who wants to NON STOP WAR AND WIN ALOT. All drag attackers are wanted.
    Th9 must at least be able to 2 star a MAX TH9 most of the time. So far only 10 members

  2. Hey guys, i have a new clash of clans channel about a week old. It would be great help if you guys could subscribe to me. I will subscribe back if iOS comment on this comment. Thanks!!

  3. Try it out in ClanWars 😀
    Maybach you've better luck there

  4. ooo, that Banjo-Kazooie music, llloooove it! Although that level is my bane since it had the last Jiggy of them all and i couldn't find it when i was little.

  5. When will you do other videos that are not trolling?

  6. I read 1v51 on the thumbnail

  7. Looking for th 9's for our clan. Our clan is called M4XX3D #8URVVYLU. We like to war a lot and are good. It would be great if you could check us out. Say YouTube when you request.

  8. As you can see 5/6 champions player dont play for fun..

  9. yo godson are u going to clashcon???? and is ut real name hannibal buris?? lol

  10. Nice Vidéo !
    Please anyone know the name of the first music in the first match ?


  11. Hey godson I'm Stephen and I just wanted to say thinks because I lost my grandma and you cheered me up today and I just wanted to say keep up the good work and hope you get far in your YouTube work bro have a great day cya

  12. Mr. Queen, Valkerie Bros, Archer Mans and Witch Dudes.

  13. Another great vid from GodSonCoC! Never stop doing vids hope you have a great day!

  14. great vid. i like to ask you godson why your not included in supercell nordic clash??

  15. Godson supercell didn't invite u to Nordic Clash because ur Black, u see in the room Only white people. SO U would be the only black guy there and that would look bad with only 1 black guy in a room. Supercell is a racist company. U have more subsciber than that stupid guy Molt!

  16. Made video of the best claan wars

  17. hi subscribe to mu channel and like my videos it would help me out alot and its only a click away for u 🙂

  18. Oh godson didn't update his game where the badges look better, these badges/leagues looks gross man…update your game where it fixes the league badges

  19. Asians I swear to god all they do is duck around in the English server like the assholes they are

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