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Clash of Clans ♦ The Cutest KILLER ♦ The Teddy Bear Base?! ♦ CoC ♦

Clash of Clans ♦ The Cutest KILLER ♦ The Teddy Bear Base?! ♦ CoC ♦
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Clash Of Clans Attacks brings you the KINDEST KILLER, the cute and cuddly Clash of Clans defense that catches attackers off guard in Clash of Clans!

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“The Angels Among Demons” and/or “Let There Be Light” by Instrumental Core
licensed through Really Slow Motion.


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  1. Plz join new clan it's called mini Mammoths were very active

  2. How to restart Clash royale

  3. I think most legend league players live their WHOLE life with a false sense of confidence.

  4. thats not a belly button…

  5. Where is the hoos intro

  6. I liked the old intro song better.

  7. bring back the old intro pls

  8. Now dats a tough teddy nice one

  9. boys check my channel !! tomorrow i do a giveaway th10!!

  10. Finally Clash of Clans about time

  11. this just shows how bad most (not all) trophy pushers are. They are so used to attacking the same few bases over amd over again and when something new shows up they cant even make a funnel. in the first 3 replays they failed because they dont know how funnels work give me a break

  12. daaamn galadon back at it again with a new uuuupload

  13. This was pretty funny !


  15. Keep this intro Galadon , better than the ones before , and Great video man !!!

  16. Galadon, I don't know what that "full teddy bear attacks" voice was, but never do it again. It was really, really scary.

  17. Galadon's voice at the end XD

  18. Plz bring back the old music

  19. what does dps stand for?

  20. that's not his belly button.

  21. Yeah those attackers just suck at funneling

  22. And that last guy sucked at the warden ability

  23. lol are u sure the eagle artillery is the belly button?hehe

  24. omg my level 4 xlan is named bounty hunters

  25. galadon I have the most weirdest glitch if u search up the clan batman2121 and join the clan if u see the request it saids donate spells and troops but when u Visit the base it's lvl 1 clan castle

  26. Any Good high level trophy pushing clan i can join? i am lv110 TH9 maxed

  27. Play more Agari.o please!

  28. GIVEAWAY!!!

    Semi-Max TH9…all what you need is:1.Send 2$ to PayPal mail-clashoflars512@gmail.com
    2.Type your skype name in reply

  29. this "old" music is much better than resent one.

  30. i like the dubstep intro

  31. hi galadon fo u remember me?

  32. hey guys check out my YouTube tell me what you think and what I should do next!!!

  33. Please show the traps of this base

  34. Galadon!! c: could you please do a video on how to make a teddy bear base. i would love to try it out lol ps im a big fan of your channel

  35. plz make more clash of clan videos clash royal sucks

  36. Guys check my channel im gonna be uploading more content thank you.

  37. the last intro was amazing, i even downloaded the song to make it my ringtone. Btw Galadon check out the lvl9 clan Req n Go, member Samantha with a outstanding donation record of 1.029 million in 2 weeks, should make a video about it.

  38. So much for replying to comments

  39. Galadon, when are we going to see the all Wall Breaker attack?! Pretty sure that would be video worthy!! XDDD

  40. I hope these attackers are watching this video now.

  41. delirious liked this video

  42. Galadon can you change the intro back to Angels Among Demons as it bring s more energy, though this intro isn't bad

  43. How to defeat this base..?

    1. Use 4 EQ on the 2nd and 3rd walls from bottom.

    2. Spread out your Golems and use 3 wbs to enter the 1st wall..

    3. Clear the surrounding structures with wizards and witches.

    4. Then drop your heroes to get to the TH.. Your damage at this point will have reached 45%.

    Disclaimer.. I don't claim to be the source of this base's mechanics or the attack mentioned above. But I have witnessed this base being defeated. So I'm sharing.
    Clash on..!

  44. That's what i like to see something other than gowiwi or gowipe those are getting so boring to watch nice dragon attack :)

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